Jay Mathey Band

Jay Mathey Band


A musical landscape painted with colors rock, pop, funk and a splash of R&B


We've been together for over 5 years which is the reason we have a great musical chemistry on stage. You never know where we are gonna take you. Even tough we may get jammy at times, Musically we never sacrifce our commitment to writing great songs with strong hooks that will grab you and have you singing alone even if you've never heard us before.


Jay Mathey Band- Self Titled EP 2000
Jay Mathey- Demos & B Sides 2004
Jay Mathey Band- Unfamous 2005
Request our single Love Letter on 106.5 the end and a local station near you.
tracks avaible for download @ I-tunes music store or www.myspace.com/jaymathey

Set List

Originals and Covers
We play 3+ hours with no breaks