The Jazz Marauders

The Jazz Marauders

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

A spicy brew! Using exciting latin and brazilian rhythms like samba, salsa, cha cha, mixed with traditional jazz, african and middle east flavors, the Jazz Marauders create memorable originals and unique covers. Great For dancing or listening at all kinds of events.


We are a jazz and latin instrumental quartet that plays a variety of music from around the globe. We have been playing together for 8 years and have recently released our second CD full of originals. The music and unique sound energizes and engages our audience everywhere we play. We can entertain large and small crowds.

We are experienced as individual musicians and as a group. The Jazz Marauders has played at various local establishments, such as Solea (Waltham), Ryles (Cambridge), Michael Timothy's (Nashua), Les Zygomates (Boston), Acton Jazz Cafe (Acton), and we've appeared on local access television.

Our unique sounds comes from different sources around the world. We focus strongly on Latin America, such as rumbas, salsas, cha cha chas heard in the clubs of Havana and Mexico City and yes, Miami. We also have a strong tie to Brazilian roots, such as sambas and bossa nova, and lesser known forms such as the choro. We often invite Brazilian musicians to perform with us to add more rhythmic texture or beautiful portuguese lyrics.

We add interesting new instruments to the mix. In addition to his versatile brass trumpet, Don Anderson plays EVI, a hand held breath controlled synthesizer that closely mimics sounds of flute, harmonica, clarinet and other traditional and not so traditional instruments. Tal Shalom Kobi, our other leader, often plays a hybrid acoustic/electric standup "stick" bass. These instruments give a fresh take to both our sound and look.


CDs (available at

The Jazz Marauders (self titled 2005)
Space for Rent (2008)

Singles (available on iTunes)

Cha Cha Queen
Space for Rent
Samba Feliz
New Dew