The Jazz Robot

The Jazz Robot


The Jazz Robot is future music. Electronics, computers, modern and ancient rhythms, and the language of Jazz are used to express what it is to be human in the modern world, and the world of the future. We are explorers, bringing artifacts from a far away place for all who listen.


The Jazz Robot is a collection of musicians interested in creating new music. Drawing from a wide array of influences from around the world, The Jazz Robot focuses on innovation and creation, rather than mimicking established styles. The Jazz Robot is currently grounded in Phoenix, AZ but is made up of musicians who have studied and performed around the world. Not an eschewment of styles, nor a fusion of such, but rather a unique and new music for a new time is created. Consider robots of the future programed to play music of the past, struggling to overcome their robotic limitations and striving to master the more human qualities of music. Diverse, energetic, contemplative, and adventurous all describe the music of The Jazz Robot.


The Jazz Robot- Simulacrism (2006)
The Jazz Robot- Digibop (2007)

Set List

The Jazz Robot performs all original music with each set being different and unique. Songs are made up of highly conceptualized ideas, shaped by live direction and rehearsed cues. The Jazz Robot is able to perform condensed sets, around 25-30 minutes, or extended sets, around one hour, and is able to perform up to three sets per performance.