The Jazzwholes are Omaha's most diverse and energetic band. Demonstrating instrumental technique and great songwriting in their live shows, the Jazzwholes cross the entire stylistic spectrum of music. From the alien, odd time signatures of “Newton, IA” to the dark, rock sound of “Pathways.”


The Jazzwholes came into being in July of 2003. This seasoned four-piece creates a musical, melting pot. Playing styles “from Mingus to Tupac” as quoted by the Omaha Reader. The group consists of drumming phenom Matthew Arbeiter, guitar prodigy Andrew Bailie (also on vocals), groove-master Seth Ondracek on bass and keyboardist extraordinaire Nick Semrad . From the south side of Omaha, this youthful band, has taken the Omaha music scene by storm. Their self-titled, debut album has been hailed as “the finest local rock release since Chad Sexton brought 311’s ‘Unity’ into Homer’s Old Market store in the early ‘90’s.” Dubbed Omaha’s hardest working band, Jazzwholes have kept their Sunday night slot at the local Goofy Foot Lodge and, most recently, Shag (a vodka bar) fresh for over two and a half years.
Having a firm base in a variety of styles has been the main staple of the group. Influences from Mingus to Zeppelin have saturated the band’s core. While capturing their own sound, the Jazzwholes also felt it important to play a variety of cover tunes and jazz standards. This strengthened their songwriting and improvisational abilities, both as individuals and as a whole. The Jazzwholes boast a lineup of jazz, blues, funk, rock, and fusion.
The album, recorded in September of 2005, holds true to the Jazzwholes’ style by presenting a variety of genres crossing the spectrum of music. From the futuristic sounds of “Newton, IA” to the earthy, bluesy “Red Wine” and the intense rock of “Pathways”, the album is a completely locally produced work which also includes many performances by other Omaha musicians. It has received outstanding reviews through many websites and various publications.
Establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with, the Jazzwholes have won multiple major battle of the bands, been accepted to numerous festivals and showcases, and just recently won 2 Omaha Entertainment Awards (best Funk/R&B Band, best Jazz Band). They have put on large scale productions using dancers, drum lines, high performance light systems, and even huge, mobile props such as the 8 x 8 foot UFO in Whole-a-ween 2005. Opening for national acts passing through Omaha has become part of their routine. Their music has reached across the country and even to Guam, USA where they performed for troops on a naval base. Back at home the weekly shows continue to pack in a diverse and ever growing fan base as the Jazzwholes continue to refine and redefine their ideas and talents to produce innovative, eclectic music.


"jazzwholes" selftitled Sept 2005

The single "Pathways" as well as other tracks from the album play on 89.7 The River, Z-92, KVNO and other local stations.

Set List

Sometimes two sets, sometimes three sets, sometimes one 3 hour set. Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote.
Covers include: Led Zeppelin, B.B. King, Nine Inch Nails, Paul Simon, James Brown, Pink Floyd, and numerous jazz standards.