The J Band

The J Band

 Sacramento, California, USA

The music Bob Dylan and Bob Marley would make after taking tequila shots together.


"The J Band represents a particular part of our catalog - independent artists who are getting a lot of exposure."

               - Tim Westergren, Founder, Pandora Radio

"Pretty much the music Bob Marley and Bob Dylan would make after taking tequila shots together."  That's how The J Band describes their trademark sound which combines kick-heavy drums with acoustic guitars and instruments like ukulele and steel drums, and embraces the sun-soaked surf of their California home. 

Four albums, a high spin rate on Pandora, and an unforgettable and energetic live show has earned them one of the most dedicated fan bases in the country. 

The J Band's latest album, LIVE & HONEST, is the band's first live album, released in 2015.  "Our fans have been asking us for years for a live album, because that's where the strong connection to our music happens.  We wanted to capture the passion and energy that we share with our fans during our concerts.â€?

The J Band’s first national tour in 2014 is being followed up by more touring in 2015.  They were rewarded for their consistent touring in Southern California with a spot at the Hermosa Beach Summer Concert  Series 2104, performing for 5,000 people on the beach. 



Take Our Turn

Written By: Jordan Lindsey

Looking down a young man’s seen wanting what’s past everything he takes a knee to pray A father trains his king to be but it’s the night that he runs free He walks along castle walls and looks upon and there he’d give up it all

Oh We lay our burdens down Lord we burn ‘em to the ground
Oh We take our turn and die for our souls to come alive

He found himself in foreign land no one else with him to stand but the madman the drunkard and he Together they went traveling on singing friends we have become He turns to the call he gave up it all

Oh We lay our burdens down Lord we burn ‘em to the ground
Oh We take our turn and die for our souls to come alive

He remembers this one time when he saw a small child for one moment give one one small smile and he thought that maybe that maybe the smile was meant for him that the smile was meant for him…..

One More Round

Written By: Jordan Lindsey

Binba and I drink our gifiti upon our palm tree watching the day disappear on the sea we rise to our feet you can hear in the distance the stirring sounds of the drummers and jokers coming into town everyone came out as the drums grew loud the bottles were full to send off a soul the only way we know and the drummers they came and Binba he raised his arms to speak he said good health to all and good health to me And we danced all around like crazy we did and we drank one more round and we drank again Some devils came to take us away but the drummers they wouldn’t cease so we yelled louder and they pounded prouder and the devils let us be…. And we drank one more for the blessings we may find and we drank one more for the trials left behind and we drank one more for those come and gone and we drank one more and pledged to carry on….

Better Man

Written By: The J Band

When we landed at your town wanting haven for our souls you came out to meet and your beauty baffled me let me be the one to take I said with no chivalry but then the sun is always in my eyes you asked of me will I cherish you with all I am and I have but all I had went to wine and wandering so riches I will need and without a word I knew I had to leave but you you have not a clue what your beauty do do to me deep through me I run where you can be found once again again Awash in a world unforgiving it takes it’s tolls on everything but if you wait for me I’ll return for thee and I swear a better man better man I’ll be After traveling so long I was coming back to you with fortune of my own and I could hardly wait to lay it at your feet to celebrate I guzzled down deep my drinks the sun is always in my eyes drunken I stumbled on to shore and shouted out your name you asked of me will I cherish you but straight I could not see so without a word I knew I had to leave….You might lead me to where the breathless lay or below where the broken forever remain….


THE AFRICAS AND ITHACAS, 2003 DrummerBoy Music

WAYWARD, 2007 DrummerBoy Music

ALL WE ARE (EP), 2011 DrummerBoy Music

TO THE LAST DROP, 2014 DrummerBoy Music

COCONUT MORNINGS (single), 2014 DrummerBoy Music

Set List

Dance beats, ukuleles, steel drums, congas, guitars, and four part's a party.  The J Band's set can be a 1/2 hour crazy high-energy show or three hour crazier high-energy and the fans just end up singing, dancing and drinking a bit more during the three hour sets.