The Fabulous Johnson Brothers

The Fabulous Johnson Brothers

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

The super soul power of dance party funk and the wild swagger of rock and roll with modern and classic pop flavors.


We, The Fabulous Johnson Brothers, have decided to abandon the usual band bio and instead interview the fabulous one himself, our own Aaron Pickering.

You've said that your band's old-school influences include Prince, Michael Jackson, and even The Rolling Stones. What do you share with such legendary groups?

"A love of the flamboyant and a desire to entertain people and let them feel lots of emotions. "

What modern acts are you most often compared to?

"Scissor Sisters, Maroon 5 and Lenny Kravitz."

Do you think the world is ready for the music of The Fabulous Johnson Brothers?

"Can the Pope make a fart smell? Of course the world is ready! Let's make room for a splash of color and have some fun! With a whole bunch of sounds and personalities we can be sexy, silly and smart all at the same time... and we write bootylicious dance-rock anthems."

Who are your personal influences?

"When I think of influences, I think of the songs I used to sing as a kid into the mirror with my mom's big hair brush. Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Boy George, George Michael, Duran Duran, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Cyndi Lauper, The B-52's, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. These people are true performers and make really exciting, colorful music."

I thought only cheesy funk bands had horn sections.

(laughs) "The music we grew up on in the '70s and '80s had horns all over it! You can even hear it now on songs from Xtina to Arcade Fire. We wanted something in this group that made us unique to the current musical climate. Horns seemed like the natural choice. I love how glorious a brass section can sound. There are so many different sounds and places you can go with them."

What distinguishes a JBros live performance from your recorded material?

"We take more chances live. Live, you can really stretch out and wiggle your toes a little more. You have to divert from your studio recordings live to make a performance special. Otherwise, why come see a band play when you could save a lot of time and money and stay at home and listen to the same music really loud?

"Live, it's all about taking chances. The potential to fall flat on your face is what makes you a better musician. That's what makes a live performance so special. Not knowing what to expect. When all else fails, take off your clothes."

In your own words, explain the name, The Fabulous Johnson Brothers.

"We were looking for something very tongue-in-cheek and memorable. We initially decided on the name Johnson. After a while, we added Brothers to signify our broverly love and eventually Fabulous was added to camp-up the name a little bit."

Which one of you are brothers?

"Curtis (Roberts) is really the only brotha'..."(laughing)


Place For Us

Written By: The Fabulous Johnson Brothers


You go your way
I'll go my way
We both know we belong together
but times are changing the changing faces
Every end is a new beginning boy

Your innocence is infinite.

And there'll be a place for us
someday, baby
And there'll be a place for us
in the back of my mind.

Don't be sad now
for cryin' out loud
Love never goes out of style
The places we go and the people
we'll meet.....
Every end is a new beginning, boy.

Your innocence is infinite.

And there'll be a place for us
someday, baby
And there'll be a place for us
in the back of my mind.

You go your way, I'll go my way

You go your way, I'll go my way

You go your way, I'll go my way


We Come Together - (release date TBA)
Uno! (2003)
Quintessential Honey (2001)
Universal Tongue (1998)

Set List

Our "Showcase Set List" is 45 - 60 minutes long and is designed to...well...showcase our original material. The original songs that we've choosen for this tpye of concert performance include:

- Party All Over Me
- Music On My Mind
- Quintessential Honey
- Ghetto Blaster
- Place 4 Us
- Never Let Me Down
- We Come Together
- Chocolate
- No Luxury
- Universal Tongue

The Showcase Set is all about our original material and is normally 8 songs and runs about 45 minutes long. What's great about this set is the fact that even if you've never heard us before these songs have proven to us on countless occasions that a great melody and solid beat can move just about anyone.

We also have our "Full Set" which is just as fun for us but geared more towards special events or evenings that require us to "last a bit longer and go all night" ;)

The "Full Set List" includes material from all the previous Jbros records as well as our own adaptations of retro Pop/Dance covers such as: