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The best kept secret in music


"All Music Guide"

The Jealous Type obviously studied the beautiful chaos of My Bloody Valentine and Sunny Day Real Estate on their debut album, I Blame Everyone but You. The space rock mix of layered guitars and sweeping percussion is trippy, lush, and inviting. The Jealous Type find their own dreamlike soundscape, and the album's 14 songs showcase a band who's tight, but not entirely affected by those who came before them. An emo dynamic surrounds I Blame Everyone but You as well, allowing the album to freely take shape. "My God, It's Full of Stars" and "Jonah Drowns" shimmy and shake with a rough edge, while "1500 Miles Beneath the Earth" bounces along with jaunty guitar licks. I Blame Everyone but You doesn't exclusively stick to one sound. It mixes all hues of passion. The Jealous Type have written straight from the heart and I Blame Everyone but You is ethereally sweet and sour. -


Kevin Shields is dead. OK, perhaps not literally, but in the immortal words of Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately?” Never fear young shoegazer because Ypsilanti, Michigan’s reverb junkies The Jealous Type are ready and waiting to take his place….and while they are at it, perhaps they’ll try to usurp the Pixies! “My God, It’s Full of Stars,” “Why Bother?” and “1,500 Miles Beneath The Earth” highlight the trio’s strong points. A cut-and-thrust, half-screamed baritone, which was likely developed while under the influence of Frank Black, and a clear, uptempo bass line drive the tracks. In the meantime, the guitar alternate’s between speedy cacophonous strumming (ala. Unrest) and bleery, layered guitars. “Lucky Girl,” another stand-out track, starts out with a slow-footed bass solo before the guitar and drums join to form a spacey, slumberous mix. The song continues at this sluggish, dreamy pace for several minutes until the guitar explodes like a sonic weedwacker that buzzes and wha-wha's to its conclusion. Not to be overlooked is the savvy time-keeping on this record, which is equally expert at producing a Love Spit Love-ish march tempo (“Until The Bitter End”) and a big rock battering-ram sound (“Jonah Drowns”). I find it particularly remarkable that these guys recorded this slick, fuzzed-out gem in the drummer’s basement. This is an impressive first full-length and a likely first step in the direction of bigger and better things for these guys.
-Tim Anderl -

"CD Baby"

Atmospheric shoegazer noise, lush arrangements thick with effected guitars, somehow blended with elements of punk and hardcore. -

"CD Baby"

"Sometimes blunt, sometimes subtle, but always an intense experience! A steady energy drives this music, full of heat and sharp breezes, into the bones. With solid drumming and bass lines, you'll be lost in a fuzzy atmosphere somewhere between darkness and light. You don't want to miss this moody band." -


Living in the Grain Silo (Upcoming release)
Vaguely About a Girl (2k4)
I Blame Everyone but You... (2k2)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from the tiny-yet-tough city of Ypsilanti, Michigan, The Jealous Type have been honing their unique sound since 1998 - and that sound is all about intensity.

The Jealous Type is an amalgam of contrasts: lush, percussive undercurrents fuled by Dave's bass lines and Steve's drums, support contrasting chords and melodies from Steve's guitar. Over-all, the swirling triaphony is counterpointed by Damon's sonic assaults.

The group pulls from a wide range of influences, from Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd to the Mars Volta and Radiohead. Damon's deft use of analog and digital tech mingles stereo guitar effects, computer samples and keyboards. These are then combined with a Kaoss pad and live vocal sampling.

The Jealous Type are anything but boring - seeing them live is an intense experience. The band never speaks: bathed in red light, wreathed in smoke and strobing drums the crowd can't keep from sinking into the deep, hypnotic stream.

Their unique sound appeals to a diverse cross section of people. Fans of Punk, Alternative, Indie and Emo music find what they are looking for and love the music.

The Jealous Type is currently recording their new material for an upcoming full length release and spreading their sound througout the midwest.