The Jean Marie

The Jean Marie

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

A funky bunch of garage-rock degenerates who set their guitars ablaze and guide the crowd through dynamic musical adventures


Philadelphia transplants from Miami, The Jean Marie's music is the sound of multi-tasking. One part post-punk, two parts funk boogie, and a bit of prog, they create a musical cacophony that draws on influences from The Talking Heads to TV on the Radio

The Jean Marie released their first EP, What's a Revolution Without Backup Dancers?, to critical acclaim in 2006, and the self titled follow up EP in 2007. In January 2009 they released Annie Jump Cannon, their highly anticipated full length album that has brought them attention across the blogosphere and an article in the New York Times.

Chosen to open for national touring bands such as the B52's, Bloc Party, EOTO, The Noisettes, Gym Class Heroes, HelloGoodbye, and Tokyo Police Club; The Jean Marie are known for their energy fueled live shows.

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04/06 - "...What's A Revolution Without Backup Dancers? " (Atomisk) E.P.

03/07 - JeanMarie E.P. (Self Titled and Released)

01/09 - Annie Jump Cannon (Self Released)

Set List

The set changes from show to show with different members playing a variety of instruments on a night by night basis. Sets can be 25 min. to 3 hours depending on variation of songs.