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Adult contemporary pop music created by The JEBS, a songwriting team whose members consist of Elise MacPherson, Bruce MacPherson, Stephen Sloat and Joseph Theriault.


The JEBS is a songwriting collaborative, not a band. Certain members of The JEBS perform live. Bruce is based in NYC and is the keyboard player and musical director for many big named artists. Elise and Joe perform in an acoustic duo called Sibling Rivalry:


Little By Little

Written By: The JEBS

Little by Little
© 2005, E.MacPherson/S.Sloat/B.MacPherson

Once upon a time, the simple world you left behind was sparkling clean
Sunny skies in baby blue, starry eyes just looking through that smoke filled screen
Your mind is clear and true, the truth is steering you back into reality
It’s not a pretty sight when it doesn’t turn out right, but you’ve got to try; yeah
You’ve got to believe…

Little by Little, Day by Day… you’re gonna find your way
(Through the dark, out of the rain, give you back your life again)
When the shadows fade away… you’re gonna be okay
(Stop the cycle, break the chain, little by little, day by day)

This isn’t any fairy tale, no; everybody’s going to fail sometime, in the long run
The only thing that you can do is make the best of what you choose to be focusing on
It’s not so easy and it sounds kind of cheesy when I say put on your happy face
A little smile may stop the pain and get you on your feet again, you may stumble on a dream you’ll want to chase… CH

Do you remember when, the second time you fell again, you learned to get back up
Now you say you’re dying of thirst, you think it couldn’t be much worse
But there’s still a little water in your cup
No need to worry now, I think you’re learning how to stop blaming God or someone else
I know you’re reeling; soon you’ll be healing… once you learn to look inside yourself…
… CH


The JEBS will be releasing their debut CD in Spring of 2007. Sibling Rivalry released an EP in 2005 entitled "Introducing Sibling Rivalry" that can be found on their website: or on their my space site: