The Jeffery Brothers Band

The Jeffery Brothers Band


What can we say. This Midland, Ontario based threesome with some of the
hardest rock n roll you'll ever hear. Go To are Website


Flying high one step closer - grown and created out of Midland Ontario, Canada, the duo Josh and Nick Jeffery come to you as The Jeffery Brothers Band.
Their new EP "Splitting Headache" features lots of hard rockin' riffs and blues-rock-roots.The Brothers walked out of the studio feeling great about what they accomplished!
"Splitting Headache", the latest EP was completed at Zolis Audio in Toronto, Ontario.

The EP features the duo's loud, powerful rock sounds in songs titled "Splitting Headache", Flyin' High" to some smooth, slower rock riffs in "Wishing".
The other tunes are just as hot!Back to that exciting completion... The boys expressed that they have never had such a good time in the studio.
The Jeffery Brothers entered the Zolis Studio in early April 2003 to begin the work on the 5-song EP. They're looking to release the new EP this summer (2003).
The duo are twin brothers: Josh Jeffery on vocals, lead, rhythm and bass guitar and Nick Jeffery on drums and back-up vocals. Other publicity involves some of their songs being featured in an independent film. Also, they will have their song on a compilation CD through Attack Music group. The brothers hope to follow up their completed EP with a tour that may start as early as this summer.
The year 2003, with a new EP and several publicity stops in the agenda, has been a great accomplishment for The Jeffery Brothers band. The boys would like to thank everyone that has helped them on the new EP and with everything else over the past couple of years. Their hats are off to everyone: Family, friends & fans. Thanks everyone!


Splitting Headache
Feeling Fine
EP (Splitting Headache)
College Radio

Set List

Feeling Fine
flying high
Splitting Headache
Rock It Out
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