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The Jellybean Bandits

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Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

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"After thirty-something years they released a second album, "Time and Again" to an audiance that sneaked in through an internet portal and exalted the Bandits to a semi-cult status. is testimony that there exists an appetite for something more substantial than test tube tunes." - Gypsies of Different Times

" Best known for their 1967 album on the Mainstream label, the band aquired a cult fillowing in recent years due to the outstanding range of music present on their LP. We're happy to report that their new release, "Time and Again" is just as electric and amazing as their original album" - The Lance Monthly

" Don't let their name fool you! There is NO BUBBLEGUM or SUGAR COATINGS here!! This is great rock and blues." - Kathren Hofman-Baley

"The new recordings find them as a modren day, root concious band..." - Mike Stax

"Ahhh...just beautiful! Hopefully these guys will bring us a third album long, long before A.D. 2035 rolls around...." - Gary 'Pig' Gold

"...their hearts are still in the music and they prove that you don't have to be a teenager to make and enjoy music" - Bliss Aquamarine Album Review


1967 Mainstream Records release (went to # 1 in Boston, Florida and Louisanna); Included on 6 major CD compliations; released 8 CD's of our original music since 2002 ( including 2 classic live performances from 1967; and a tribute album featuring 9 bands world-wide paying tribute to the music of the Jellybean Bandits)



The Jellybean Bandits have been together and making fine music since 1967 (with a 36 year hiatus in between). Finding out that our original LP on the Mainstream label was listed in "Goldmine's Price Guide to Collectable Record Albums" as a "highly sought after collector's item", and that the advent of the Internet had elevated us to "semi-cult status" worldwide, directed us to re-group and continue where we left off 40 years ago. We were also soon alerted to the fact that our music over the past 40 years has been bootlegged from every corner of the world. We have also been honored to have been included on 6 major CD compilations over the years (Pebbles Collection, Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Psychedelic States, etc., etc.) to go along with our own 8 CD releases over the past 5 years. We have found ourselves written up in every major record collector magazine and every major publication (Goldmine; Acid, Flowers and Fuzz, Ugly tThings, etc., etc.) dedicated to the preservation of classic 60's music. We are deeply honored and thank those who saw fit that the Jellybean Bandits be included in such iconic company.
As part of our band make-up, we have always, and still do, refuse to be defined by any certain genre. Today the original band members are back together making impacting music again. We hope the new tunes we are producing find itheir way into mainstream America, and we know that our wide field of musical tastes has something to offer for everyone.