the jellyhearts

the jellyhearts


we're a couple whiskey-drunk, roadtrippers who stomp out the lowdown dirty punked out blues like dudes. our songs are real-life stories of happiness and hopelessness, all delivered to you by a wanky-ass guitarist, reba, and her bambam metronome, lorn.


like prospectors, the jellyhearts are a gunslingin’, no-good duo known for hollerin', "there's gold in them hills," because we have hearts of gold and very fragile dispositions, as well as pistols and a handle of well tequila. spawned from rustbelt blues and cap city sludge, the jellyhearts slithered down to the ohio river valley, just north of the up-south. we exchanged the hearts and stars with flowers for tom collinses and mustachios. these days, we are chased by bats and exiled, speeding down the southbound freeways with a tiny acoustic global and a tambourine, singing to the wind and pouring fire in the belly. our tunes harness the bo diddley stomp, the defiant energy of the mc5, and the raw, most-punk gories sound to create a newfangled brand of reckless garage rock. notorious noise ordinance violators, reba con queso shreds through every jam with incessant swagger and gain, and mizz lorn pounds the blues away with an affinity for the thunderous floor tom. for us, music is spirit and soul and when we play, it comes from the very bottom of our jellied hearts. every song is prayer to sonny boy williamson, cap’n beefheart, art tatum, the stones, and the stooges, and also to all the kids who love to get sweaty and aren’t afraid to dance.


heart 2 heart EP -- may 2006
no laughing in this house EP -- december 2006

Set List

we have seven original songs we typically do, with a couple "in-the-works" songs usually tossed in. the seven are: gone, missy may, funny papers blues, rocinante, lazybones, blue hermit, and on the run. when we only do originals, the set runs 40 minutes. some covers we like to do include "stag-o-lee blues" and "goin' down to memphis" type standards, as well as the beatles' "oh darlin'," "hotel yorba" by the white stripes, david bowie's "rock'n'roll suicide," and "me and my monotone" by the hentchmen.