The Jellyhearts

The Jellyhearts


we're a blues-trash duo poundin' out all things gonzo in a scramble of sound, sleaze, and crust-punk fun! reba conQueso wails & shreds on the guitar, and mizz lorn swings out hot rolls on the skins. the jellyhearts have tons of energy and hearts of gold. we're gonna leave you deaf and satisfied!


we're a couple whiskey-drunk roadtrippers who stomp out the nogood lowdown dirty punked out blues like dudes. the jellyhearts began two years ago as two friends in a basement havin a ball learning to play guitar and drums. nothing has changed. we sing it when we feel it, we tell it like we see it, and we're gonna boogie all night & hope you do too. we're sloppy and spontaneous, we're pedal-to-the-metal... and we're happy to share our songs with everyone!
our jelly-jams are delivered to you by a wanky-ass guitarist, reba conQueso, and her bambam metronome, mizz lorn. spawned from rustbelt blues and cap city sludge, the jellyhearts slithered down to the ohio river valley, where we exchanged the hearts and stars with flowers for tom collinses and mustachios. these days, we are chased by bats and exiled, speeding down the southbound freeways with a tiny acoustic global and a tambourine, singing to the wind and pouring fire in the belly.
the jellies are about true soul in actions and words - every note how we mean it but not to be mean - leaving behind any shame or pride, just a love for rock & roll inside. not an age defines us, nor a town confines us, so we wander forever discovering, freewheelin on the fly and never looking back. here's a testament to those who came before us who grabbed our guts and rattled our ears, kickin out the jams with a bottle in one hand and a git-fiddle in the other, hootin and a-hollerin and headin towards the sun. our tunes harness the bo diddley stomp, the defiant energy of the mc5, and the raw gories sound to create a newfangled brand of reckless garage rock. as notorious noise ordinance violators, we pack every jam with shredding, swagger, gain, and enough floortom pounding to drive the blues away. music is spirit and soul, and ours comes from the very bottom of our jellied hearts. every song is prayer to sonny boy williamson, cap'n beefheart, art tatum, the stones, and the stooges, and also to all the kids who love to get sweaty and ain't afraid to dance!
Since we've started we've played everywhere from home, to chicago detroit, philly and france! Our self-released debut LP, LOTTA TAPE, LOTTA SOUL, came out 12-12-2008 and we've got more songs a brewin, by gum!


LOTTA TAPE, LOTTA SOUL - self-released LP, 12-12-08

Set List

we normally do a 40 - 50 min set, but not all our songs get played at every show. we have nineteen originals, plus some covers that make special guest appearances...
Originals: doctor of soul, on the run, more steel, trayn, etcha, steeplechase, lazybones, funny papers blues, snake 88, missy may, gone, i can't move, dandy, rocinante, fool's gold, soul gives out, young goodman brown, two dogs, tootsies on the kicker
Covers: touch me i'm sick (mudhoney), oh darlin (beatles), me and my monotone (the hentchmen), you can get high (the go)