The Jenny Hurwitz Experience

The Jenny Hurwitz Experience


Subversive Pop. Social/Political Satire/Commentary set to catchy melodies, odd chord changes, complex bass, creative funky drums and rich vocal harmonies. Female guitarist and drummers and male bass player. Mix of alternative rock/pop/ska/60's/80's and beyond.


We play subversive pop. Music that you want to snap your fingers to and enjoy the melodies and quirky song structures and unusual instrument arrangements and harmonies but with a politically progressive bent - sometimes satricial, sometimes serious, sometimes just personal stories, sometimes just silly. Jenny is the main songwriter - Part of Satin Food Stamps in San Francisco in the early 80's - punk/new wave feminism set to a beat; part of Life After Tarzan in the late 80's- early 90's in NYC - both all female groups. Talbot has a background in playing jazz bass and when he wants to he writes funky tuneful inspiring songs. The Wizard of Roz and Franne Rosenthal each play with us/record with us as they are available - both crazy-creative and have played in various bands. We sometimes go by 3 Card Monte - but an all boy outfit in our area is using the name too so we have started using "The Jenny Hurwitz Experience". Have performed some songs at political forums and rallies, (as well as clubs and street festivals) such as "Ode to Pat Buchanan" about the 2000 election. "Our Community Garden" and "Decommission Ska" have been played on WBAI radio in NYC. Recently performed "The NSA is Tapping All Our Phones" at a NY Civil Liberties Union presentation. The 2 songs mentioned have been included on compilation disks and were written in response to requests! Enjoy!


Although we have many many songs written, we don't yet have a lot on CD. We are in the process of recording more. Some old recordings are still only on cassette. 2 songs are properly recorded and duplicated in CD format. A prototype of digitalized studio and live recordings of the 80's band Satin Food Stamps has been made and with revisions will be released. We have quite a few videotapes of live performances and some digitally recorded rehearsals.

2 songs have been/get airplay on WBAI radio in NYC.

Set List

A sample set list would be:
Jesus Rides the N Train
I'm Doing Fine on Avenue A and 9th Street
Ode to Pat Buchanan
The NSA is Tapping All Our Phones
Pinstripe Blues
Edgar's Army
Sick Boys
Rise Up
Hobo's Paradise
Warm Nights
Coney Island Whitefish

We have been given sets from 20 minutes to an hour long. We generally don't do covers.