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The Jeremy Graham Band

Augusta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Augusta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Country Rock


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The JGB has had their song, Remember Me, added to a compilation CD. The CD, entitled Country Fest 2008, is to be released worldwide next year. Because of the JGB's song, D and M Music has graciously decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from the CD to National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. - D AND M MUSIC


America's Freedom Broadcast Radio (AFB) supports those that are stationed all over the globe, to include those first responders here at home. The JGB has the privilege of having their song, The Wall/Remember Me, being played on this site currently. - AFB


Here's our list of the best picks of 2007. CONGRATS TO ALL!

The Jeremy Graham Band
Rhes Reeves and the Coyote Band
Erin Eubanks and the Family Fold

- Augusta Magazine


The Jeremy Graham Band - JGB EP
By Stoney ⋅ May 17, 2008 ⋅ Print this post ⋅ Post a comment
The Jeremy Graham Band - JGB EP

With a history that dates back to 1992 as part of the highly successful regional touring Augusta act Shiloh, the Jeremy Graham Band is a fine-tuned, tried and true six-piece country band peppered with straight up rock & roll. With all that the members have accomplished over the years, including working with such artists as John Micheal Montgomery, Kevin Sharp, Lee Roy Parnell, Neil McCoy, Jodee Messina, Aaron Tippen, Brad Paisley, Radney Foster, Confederate Railroad, Exile, Trace Adkins and Merle Haggard, it’s surprising that the Jeremy Graham Band have only just recently released their debut CD, an EP simply titled JGB.

Typically country music acts in the CSRA have been more of the cover/house band variety so original releases by Augusta country artists have been far and few between and while the few that have come out over the years have been solid efforts, the debut EP by the Jeremy Graham Band is hands down the best area country release to date.

With a hilarious opening that is supposed to sound like the band stumbling through the woods during deer hunting season, Deer Huntin’ Club may be the only time in the history of modern music that the words “it’s a goat” are muttered. Supposedly based on an excursion to a woodsy country resort similar to the one mentioned in the song, the scene for this fun opening tune is quickly set when frontman Jeremy Graham sings “you can tell your getting closer by the trail of beer cans, just some good ol’ boys havin’ fun at the deer huntin’ club.” Beer, guns and ammo? Sounds like the premise of a Jeff Foxworthy story!

Not to be pigeon-holed as merely a bunch of beer-chugging members of the NRA, the Jeremy Graham Band dive straight into the melody-filled ballad Lost in My Head. With an infectious chorus, heartfelt lyrics and beautiful steel guitar courtesy of the bands own LM English, this tale of love long since passed would fit in easily on country radio with any of today’s top hits.

Mid-tempo and catchy, Missin’ Her Tonight is a prime example of what might happen if Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett and members of the Eagles got together and wrote a song. Yet another one for good ol’ country folk to sing along to.

While the Jeremy Graham Band may have a unique history, the same could also be said about the song Unconditional, a southern rock style number that actually has some of its roots in the Augusta rock scene. Written by musician and one-time Shiloh soundman Keith Ford, Unconditional originally took life as a regular tune performed by Augusta groove rock band 420 Outback, whom Ford was a member of. Given new life courtesy of the Jeremy Graham Band, the current version finds itself with a more Marshall Tucker feel to it than anything else.

Now it’s no news that classic rock and new country go hand in hand like say, drinkin’ and deer huntin’, and nothing proves that more than Lit, a down and dirty tune complete with that 70’s guitar rock distortion and sounding very much like Foghat’s Buy Now, Pay Later. One listen to this song and anyone who rocked their way through the 70’s may just find themselves conjuring up fond memories of Stroh’s beer, dirty jeans and passing ’round the… well you get the idea!

Patriotism and love for the American way of life has been an important topic for country music and classic rock artists to write about as far back as both types of music have existed and in 2008 it’s certainly no different. So it’s not surprising that The Wall/Remember Me, a song about the memorial that will be dedicated in honor of the victims of 9-ll on May 18th, closes out the Jeremy Graham Band’s debut release. Not only did the band write this as a stirring tribute, they will also take part in the May 18th tribute in New York along with Gary Sinese and John Voight. Yet another Augusta band taking it cross country!

Overall, the JBG EP by the Jeremy Graham Band is a must buy for fans of good modern country music. Great tunes and superb production. The only flaw, and it’s a minor one, can be found in the track listing on the cover and in player menus that support track listing, as Unconditional is listed as the second song but is actually the fourth song on the CD.

A tiny inconvenience when listening to a great album.

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- Stoney

"The Statesboro 11th Hour Review"

The self-sufficient Augusta country act that's not afraid to rock!

Inflences: Their influences include Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Merle Haggard and David Allen Coe, but Jeremy Graham does not limit their sound.

Sounds like: A band that takes their love for music and their country and puts them together to form one large rockin' group, dedicated to making original music to inspire the people and remind everyone to have a little fun!

Career: Jeremy Graham heads a band with a six-man pedigree and fourteen years of experience from Augusta, GA. An entirely self-sufficient band, they have their own manager, producer, sound and light guys, and a tour bus with everything they'd need to perform anywhere and anytime, as long as there's electricity! While they are primarily country music, they aren't afraid to rock, and they're less afraid to show their love and support for their country. - The 11th Hour


The Jeremy Graham Band released a tribute song for the New York First Responders from 9/11. The song has also been applied to a DVD that commemorates those that perished. There are two versions of the song, a radio-friendly and a DVD production. Song was released on July 20th, 2007. The JGB's first EP/CD was released on 31 December, 2007. The JGB has also had Remember Me included on a compilation CD sponsored by D and M Music. The CD, entitled Country Fest 2008, is scheduled to be distributed worldwide next year.



Thank you for taking an interest in "The Jeremy Graham Band." The following is a brief history and background of the musical group as a whole.

Back where it all began... The Jeremy Graham Band, formerly SHILOH, was first organized in Augusta, Georgia in 1992 and consisted of five members, including: steel guitar, bass guitar, lead guitar, drummer and a "utility" player (playing such instruments as fiddle, harmonica, acoustic guitar and electric guitar). Through the years, the consistency of the organization has remained the same, with the exception of a few members. As with most businesses, change allows the ability to refine all aspects of the quality of entertainment that JGB wishes to bring to its customers. With that in mind and despite the band's changes over the years, the instrumentation has always remained the same.

Over the past 15 years, the organization has had the privilege of working with some of the most talented entertainers in the country music industry. These acts include: Jason Aldean, Kelli Pickler, Lee Brice, Buddy Jewel, Mustang Sally, Heidi Newfield, John Michael Montgomery, Kevin Sharp, Lee Roy Parnell, Neil McCoy, Jodee Messina, Aaron Tippen, Brad Paisley, Radney Foster, Confederate Railroad, Exile, Trace Adkins, Merle Haggard, Jamey Johnson, Darryl Worley, Lee Ann Womack, Tye Herndon,Shenanndoah, Randy Houser, Mykel Knight and many more!

Not only does the band have an impressive background as a whole, each member has an impressive record of experience in his own right. Most of the JGB members have at least 20 years of experience in both nightclub and arena type venues. In the nightclubs, they enjoy the close interaction between the band and the patrons. However, they also enjoy the higher profile venues, which allow them to interact and learn from some of the best in the business. JGB takes pride in the camaraderie between all of its members, both on stage and off. The JGB strives to project that same atmosphere to its new found friends and fans of all ages!

JGB is completely self-contained and self sufficient in the management, staging, and production of its shows and is proud of the success it has brought them over the past 14 years. The band travels in a 45-foot American Eagle tour bus, which contains state-of-the-art professional sound gear and lighting, as well as full time sound and lighting engineers. This only enhances the quality of the entertainment and music, which JGB enjoys delivering to its customers. With that in mind, adequate parking is a must.

Call Mike at 706-564-8186 for more information or view the band website at