The Jeremy Quick Trio

The Jeremy Quick Trio

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Jeremy Quick Trio is an instrumental Jazz/Fusion group made up of Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Our music includes edgy grooves, group improvisation, deep pocket funk, and fast swing. We draw from a diverse background of musical styles including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, Reggae, and more.


The music I write is informed by so many elements it is impossible to isolate any one influence, but there are certainly some themes that arise. Every tune is essentially a vehicle for improvisation. The melodies, rhythms, and harmony contained in each composition are setup as sort of a roadmap to send the musicians down a particular path, but often where that path begins is very different from where it ends. I feel that our music is labeled as jazz in that it contains so many elements that most people have come to associate with jazz, such as improvisation, swing feel, or no vocals. However, we feel that jazz merely informs this music and is on equal footing with many other musical influences.

As a band we all try our best to make each performance a new and challenging step forward musically. The Jeremy Quick Trio delivers an exciting and unique musical experience at every performance!


The Jeremy Quick Trio - Live and Uncut (2011)

Set List

1. Pariah
2. HGH
3. Platypus
4. Fantasy Hero
5. The Protector
6. Looking for Their Souls
7. Z/Kiel
...and much more!