The Jericho Machine

The Jericho Machine


Strong, unique and captivating vocals. The music is guitar driven, awesome riffs and mesmerizing solos! Clever and thunderous drum beats will have you keeping the rhythm in a matter of seconds. The bass exudes energy and excitement completing the sonic landscape known as The Jericho Machine!


The Jericho Machine
thee jer-i-koh muh-sheen/ Pronunciation - Show Spelled Pronunciation [thee jer-i-koh muh-sheen] –noun

1. a mechanism that enables people to collapse their mental boundaries. The thought process that supports the progression of one's destiny.

The tangible embodiment of this process is projected in the music performed by Robert Joseph Perez (vocals/guitar),
Ogre (bass), and Adrian Varela (drums).

The concept of The Jericho Machine began with the vivid imagination of one Musician. The long journey of Robert Joseph Perez finally culminated when Lazi Boi Productions created the first concept album.

Originally, the project began as one man's dream to express his talents as a writer, composer, and musician. In February 2007, Robert hit the studio on a mission, armed with two guitars his beloved acoutic Taylor "Britney Spearswood" and his electric Ibanez "Beyonce". Layer upon layer of guitar tracks were laid down, establishing the core of the album. With the album nearly completed, it became apparent that a band should be formed to showcase the music to the world. Robert knew exactly who he wanted! The stage was to be shared with two individuals who have the same drive and dedication to create art for the masses. George "Ogre" Giraldo made the sacrifice of moving back to the Rio Grande Valley from San Antonio, aspiring to elevate his game to the next level. As for Adrian Varela, the prize drummer in the Valley, the transition was much easier. All three are linked with the common goal of becoming "Rock Superstars"and they sure aren't wasting any time making their mark locally. The band was born in November 2007, and momentum was surely on their side. The music of The Jericho Machine and the strength of Robert’s voice soon caught the attention of Mighty Mike Quinn (program director at Q94.5 FM). The Jericho Machine became the first Local Act to be showcased live on the air in the Q 94.5 radio studio and two singles off their debut album "Educated Donkeys" are gaining popularity in the local charts. The Jericho Machine has won several local contests and is also very fortunate to have shared the same stage with Major Lable Artists: Flyleaf, Vince Neal, Hurt, Alien Ant Farm, Supagroup, Jet Black Stare, and Midnight to Twelve.

The Jericho Machine released its debut album July 4, 2008. "Educated Donkeys" is locally distributed at Hastings and Best Buy.

The book, "THE JERICHO MACHINE" is ready for print and scheduled to be released in conjunction with the LIMITED EDITION "Educated Donkeys" compact disc. The book serves as a means of interpreting the words and thought process of Robert Perez.


Educated Donkeys-2008 Full Length CD
Divided Dilusions- single Regional airplay
Mosquito Hunting- single Regional airplay

Set List

We can provide the following sets:
2 hours of Originals
3 hours of Covers
Both sets can be done acoustically!!!!

The Jericho Machine Originals:
1. Divided Delusions
2. Mosquito Hunting
3. Drift
4. Flavor
5. The Waltz
6. Gavin White
7. English
8. The Atheist
9. 15/16
10.Cartman's Shelter
11. Ani DiFranco the Prophet
12. Portable Sun

1. Fallen-Alicia Keys
2. Hey Joe-Jimi Hendrix
3. Be Quite and Drive-Deftones
4. Drive- Incubus
5. Shawdow Boxer- Fiona Apple
6. Badfish-Sublime
7. Santeria-Sublime
8. Karma Police- Radio Head
9. Everlong- Foo Fighters
10. Yellow Ledbetter- Pearl Jam
11. Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Nirvana
12. Take a Picture- Filter
13. Mad World- Gary Jules
14. Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
15. Creep- Radio Head
16. House of the Rising Sun- The Animals
17. All Along the Watch Tower- Bob Dylan
18. Sweet Home Alabama- Lynard Skynard/Kid Rock
19. Crash- Dave Matthews
20. Across the Universe- The Beatles