The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans

 Iqaluit, Nunavut, CAN

The Jerry Cans will take you on a stroll through Iqaluit, Nunavut with their unique mix of Inuktitut country swing, throat singing, reggae, and blues. We want to share a glimpse of life in Nunavut, while challenging misrepresentation of the great white north.
Nunavuttitut! Nunavut Style!


"It's a little like what would happen if The Clash had grown up speaking Inuktitut in Nunavut" - Penguin Eggs Magazine

"Bringing Nunavuts grandmothers and grandfathers to their feet, stomping along to good ol- fashioned seal-clubbin songs and sometimes no joke crying for joy" - UP HERE Magazine

Growing up in Iqaluit, The Jerry Cans have had a mish mash of a musical upbringing with influences ranging all the way from old rock n' roll, community square dances, to seal hunting. Starting to jam together over the long dark Nunavut winters in a garage that had heat most of the time, The Jerry Cans developed a unique style incorporating their wide range of musical influences ranging from the King of Nunavut accordion Simeonie Keenainak, to Nunavut legends Charlie Adams, and Uvagut band to more southern influences include The Clash, The Pogues, and the late great Jonny Cash. This wide variety of influences has allowed the Jerry Cans to develop a unique sound fusing Inuktitut country rhythms with traditional throat singing, reggae, and blues.

Over the past two years the band has coalesced into a dance party machine, traveling throughout the north lighting up festivals, community halls, garages, and Northern store fronts, working to properly represent life as youth in Nunavut. In doing so The Jerry Cans challenge negative and misinformed portrayals of our beautiful home territory.

The Jerry Cans are proud to speak, learn, and sing in both English and Inuktitut and are working hard to encourage young Nunavummiut, people from Nunavut, to do the same. Through performance and workshops members of the Jerry Cans are busy promoting music education, leadership, along with Inuit cultural and language pride. The band views this work as an important part of their music and wherever the band goes they encourage audiences to learn more about the history of the land they live on.

We would love very much to come and share our music with you wherever that may be! If the season is right we can even trade some Arctic Char for whatever fish you have in your river. On the other hand instead of always asking for invitations we would also like to invite you to come visit us! We welcome visitors with open arms and tables full of delicious country food!

Nunavut Style!

The Jerry Cans

Band Members and Instrumentation

Andrew Morrison - Lead Singer, Guitar

Nancy Mike - Inuit Throat Singing, Accordion, Back up Vocals

Gina Burgess - Fiddle/Violin, Back up Vocals

Brendan Doherty - Bass, Back up Vocals

Stephen Rigby - Drums, Back up Vocals



Written By: The Jerry Cans

????? - Mamaqtuq! (Delicious!)

Ullakkut Naggajaumi
Sila Qanuillauppa?
Imaq qanuillauppa?
ammalu sulauqqita

Mamaqtuq, Mamaqtuq!
Nattiminiq uujuq

Unnusakkut Naggajaumi
suli nattisiulauqtugut
akunialu qikalauqtugut
kisiani suli


suli nattisiulauqtugut
vienna sausage-qanngitugut
beef jerky-qanngitugut

unnukkut naggajaumi
suli nattisiulaqtugut
qanurllu? qanu?
nattiakulu puilauqtuq
pilatugut nirilauqtugut



Early in the morning, on Monday
We were out boating
How was the weather?
It was a beautiful day
And how was the water?
smooth and shimmering like blubber
and what were we doing?
we were seal hunting

Delicious, so delicious
Seal Stew
Delicious, so delicious
Seal Stew

In the afternoon on Monday
we were still seal hunting
we waited so so long
staring out to the calm water from the land
As the season approaches spring time
it drums up feelings of deep happiness
....but we still couldn't catch a seal!


In the afternoon we were still seal hunting
we became hungry
we had run out of bannock
we had run out of tea
we had no vienna sausage
we had no beef jerky
we were still so so hungry

In the evening on Monday
we continued to seal hunt
You know what? WHAT?
We saw a nice young seal
This magnificently beautiful seal surfaced
Then I shot it
We cut it up, then ate with warm hearts
What an amazing afternoon!



2014- April tentative release of "Aakuluk" Sophomore Album

2013 - "Nunavut Style" Twelve Song LP **Canadian Folk Music Award Winning Album**
2012 - "Dear Paul" 3 Song Demo
2011 - "Legion Recordings" 10 Song Live album
2010 - "Its a Cuppa Tea" 3 Song Demo

Set List

Square Dance
GN Song