The Jesse Dansons

The Jesse Dansons

 Exeter, England, GBR

Driving and textured acoustic guitars, two female vocalists creating beautiful harmonies, pounding bass riffs, hip-hop grooves, and rap, all layered over thumping beatboxed rhythms. The Jesse Danson's sound is unique and captivating - the live performance energetic and memorable.


The Jesse Dansons feature one of the UK’s best beatboxers and two brilliant female vocalists creating rich harmonies. All of which is delivered to the audience over driving guitars and catchy bass riffs.

Their creative sound is upbeat, drawing on pop, folk, rock and hip-hop influences. It has audiences all over the country dancing and singing along. Positive feedback for the band has been overwhelming. They were a huge success and were hailed as the best live act at 2011’s L-Fest - the largest gay festival in the UK.

Industry judges from the BBC agree and The Jesse Dansons have featured on many BBC radio shows around the country. They have also been working with Future Music on shows such as Live and Unsigned and at Open Mic UK to harness the clear potential of these 5 young musicians.


Deep Water (Demo) -

Firefly (Live) -

Single due for release March 2012.

Set List

1) Favourite Shoes
2) With Your Eyes
3) Feeling
4) In The Crowd
5) Firefly
6) Summer Romance
7) Deep Water
8) The Bear
9) Fighter
10) Colours
11) Power
12) His Mother Said
13) TBD
14) TBD
15) TBD
16) TBD
17) TBD
18) TBD