The Jesse Dansons
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The Jesse Dansons

Exeter, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Exeter, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New to Electric Harmony - The Jesse Dansons"

If you’re going to start with something, the general accepted theory is to start at the beginning right? It is a very good place to start after all. When getting into the work of Exeter based groove merchants The Jesse Dansons, I decided to throw this rule out the window and start with their very latest track, which is still in demo phase, and only available (as I write this) on Soundcloud.

In short, I’m so glad I did.

Throwing myself in at the deep end, I fired up ‘Deep Water’. Then laughed manically at my own pun making skills briefly before being rescued from bad joke shame by an amazing discovery. Not only is everything in this track super slick, well produced and full of groove, thats not a drum kit.
Mind = blown. Seriously, go and listen to this track. I’ll pop the kettle on, see you back in here a couple of minutes.

Back? Yeah, that’s what I said when I heard it too.

It’s not just that you could be easily fooled into think Alex Norgate’s vocal percussion skills are an actual drum kit/computer generated loops; it’s the precision of each beat, that even when the tempo picks up, nothing is missed or skipped over. Everything is in perfect sync, and it works with the track so well.

Once I’d gotten over that, I turned my attention to the track as a whole. I love it; I love the mix between a fast beat and super smooth vocal lines, with Lucy Rice and Rose Erangey’s voices and harmony lines blending into the mix like double cream in your coffee; rich, warm, even luxurious. Then theres Ky Norgate’s cheeky guitar stabs and riffs, adding more to the texture, and his even cheekier solo that is just pitched to perfection. And that driving groove on the bass, courtesy of Daniel Miller, who just sounds like he’s having a whale of a time, pushing the sound forward and working perfectly in tandem with Alex and Ky.

Needless to say, at this point, I’m hooked. Then I got waylaid by a video on their homepage; a mix up of an original track ‘His Mother Said’ blended with a cover of one of my favourite song from The Kook’s; ‘Naive’. All of a sudden, everything I’d be saying about these guys from their one track I could see in front of me, and see just how talented these guys are. Not just to be able to do all this great work on their own music, but to then also take another song I love and, most importantly, make it their own in such a fantastic way.

Back on Soundcloud, I fired up Firefly (honestly, no pun intended that time!), a live track. What more can I say? This validated everything I’d found so far. The Jesse Dansons have some serious talent, and seem to be working in a genre I’d not come across before; hip hop folk, with a healthy dose of pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure. And a whole lot of sheer joyous energy.

Unfortunately, I was left disappointed that at the time of writing, The J.D’s don’t have more stuff up online yet, but I look forward to discovering more in 2012. Looking at their upcoming gig list, they’ve got a lot of stuff coming up, predominantly in the South-West, but also engagements in London and Manchester, so if you’re in the area I definitely recommend making a trip out to see them play.

My only question is this. Who is Jesse Danson, and why does this band have several of him/her? - Electric Harmony


Deep Water (Demo) -

Firefly (Live) -

Single due for release March 2012.



The Jesse Dansons feature one of the UK’s best beatboxers and two brilliant female vocalists creating rich harmonies. All of which is delivered to the audience over driving guitars and catchy bass riffs.

Their creative sound is upbeat, drawing on pop, folk, rock and hip-hop influences. It has audiences all over the country dancing and singing along. Positive feedback for the band has been overwhelming. They were a huge success and were hailed as the best live act at 2011’s L-Fest - the largest gay festival in the UK.

Industry judges from the BBC agree and The Jesse Dansons have featured on many BBC radio shows around the country. They have also been working with Future Music on shows such as Live and Unsigned and at Open Mic UK to harness the clear potential of these 5 young musicians.