The Jessica Fletchers

The Jessica Fletchers


"Trafficking in a lysergic blend of non-linear jangle and harmony with splashes of very cool organ and keyboards, and as with most Rainbow Quartz bands, the Jessica Fletchers are able to make refreshing sense of the ‘60s sound..."


The Jessica Fletchers formed in Oslo in 1997. The guys had just about enough of the music scene in Drammen, just outside Oslo, a scene that consisted of mainly of metal, prog-rock and punk rock outfits, and decided to do something about it. After trying out some local pubs and clubs it didn’t take long before they ran into a studio and recorded their self financed "unofficial" debut album I CAN SHOOT YOU FROM HERE (1998) …and so the story begins.

In 2000, after signing with Norwegian indie label Perfect Pop they released SORRY ABOUT THE NOISE EP, which went on to be an underground hit in the Oslo clubs.

In 2001 the band played their most memorable and remarkable gig at Paragrafen, Oslo, and were later offered to play on Zoom (Zoom is a contest where the winner gets a tour as the reward) The Jessica Fletchers won, and together they toured with two other bands, south to north and back again.

COME ON (IT’S ONLY NINE) recorded in 2002 spawned the soon-to-be-massive song Bloody Seventies Love, a song that would later cement the deal with guitar pop label, Rainbow Quartz.

Having more recently toured with Swedish heavyweights The Hives, and American indie-psych-pop faves the Apples in Stereo, Oslo, Norway based Jessica Fletchers are now set to storm the North American pop scene with their great new record, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE?


Summer Holiday & Me
CDS, Perfect Pop 2004, Pop 54

1. Summer Holiday & Me
2. Driving Song

Bloody Seventies Love
CDS, RQ Records 2004, RQTZ097

1. Bloody Seventies Love
2. Houses Burning Down
3. Beatbox
4. Video of Bloody Seventies Love

What Happened To The?
CD, RQ Records 2003, RQTZ088

1. Bloody Seventies Love
2. Just Another Fashion Band
3. Come On (it's only nine)
4. Christopher Jensen
5. Early Monday
6. Nextyear
7. Sick Of The Action
8. Let`s Go
9. I Got News
10. Do You Know What She Hides
11. Beatbox
12. Shoot
13. You Can Have Japan

What Happened To The?
CD, Perfect Pop 2003, POP 49

1. Sick of the Action
2. Let`s Go
3. Beatbox
4. Early Monday
5. Nextyear
6. Bloody Seventies Love
7. Shoot
8. I Got News
9. (Come On) It`s Only Nine
10. Do You Know What She Hides?
11. You Can Have Japan

(Come On) It's Only Nine
CD-EP, Perfect Pop 2002, POP 45

1. Up and Around
2. (Come On) It's Only Nine
3. Diamond Ring
4. Just Another Fashion Band

Sorry About The Noise!
CD-EP, Perfect Pop 2000, POP 34
( Produced by Bartleby )

1. Sorry About The Noise
2. Houses Burning Down
3. Are You Dying
4. Christopher Jensen
5. I Want You To Stay In My Head For A While

I Can Shoot You From Here
CD, 1998, TJF-001

1. Bontempi
2. A Place In The Crowd
3. The Parachute
4. Methadone
5. Morning Joggers
6. La Gear
7. Suspended
8. Fluchtversuch Mit Einem Autobus
9. Oval Offence
10. Jessica & Susan
11. Some Kind Of Joke
12. Friend
13. Fall In Love
14. Andrew & Jessica
15. You're My Star
16. In Your Eyes

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