The Jesus Chords

The Jesus Chords


We are a Outlaw Stoner Country band from Seattle with roots in San Juan Island.


We grew up on the small Northwest Washington Island of San Juan, in the town of Friday Harbor. The "island time" sensibilities were ingrained in our way of life, where entertaining oneself was a must and creativity flourished because there was little to do there. We all learned to play instruments and eventually came together to play songs after playing with others. These songs that we wrote seemed to have a natural country flavor to them but we couldn't ignore the influences of punk, jazz, rap, rock and other genres that we always tried to expose ourselves to even from a small island in the Sound. Run-ins with the authorities also lended to to content and flavor of our music. We are different form other bands because all members in the band write songs and sing them and there is a very collabrative effort involved.


"Jesus Chords" (self-titled), "It's the Music" (7"), "Country Is a Four Letter Word" (double CD), "Kelp Bong"

Set List

We don't have a typical set list, we can play all originals for 3 hours or 30 minutes. We throw in old standards or covers to mix it up as well, it depends on the venue and the crowd we are playing for.