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The Jesus Project

Holbrook, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Holbrook, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"All Saints Hosts "The Jesus Project""

[reprinted 9-1-11 with permission from Dave Frazier, Editor Saints’ Alive]

If you’ve never heard of “The Potter’s Room” and you like good music, you’re certainly missing out on something special. Small and intimate, good fellowship, and especially good Christian music. At the end of any given month, you might have the pleasure of enjoying a band that call themselves, “The Jesus Project,” a hard-working and hard-rocking local quintet of very talented musicians; two lead vocalists, a rhythm guitarist/vocalist, a bassist/keyboardist/vocalist, and a drummer/sometimes bassist/vocalist.

The Jesus Project, or TJP as their followers affectionately have dubbed them, are not professional musicians in that this is how they make their living. Real Estate, Home Caregiver, Distribution, Policeman, these are the types of day jobs some of them carry. Regular people with regular jobs; one thing that comes to the forefront when you hear of TJP is that their love of Jesus is first and foremost. Their music glorifies Him, they speak of scripture, their concerts are always Spirit-filled. In their humility they are quick to give all Glory to God, not only in what they say, but in their actions as well. The male lead vocals, carried with a vibrancy and power that can only be Spirit-driven, are delivered by Steve. With hands pointed skyward, one can see the Spirit working through him as he pours himself into a song.

This is a common theme amongst the band mates every time they play. There is exuberance for Jesus that reverberates throughout the room as they belt out their music, filling up on the Holy Spirit and pouring that Spirit into the audience. That is the real gift in hearing them play—they have true hearts for Jesus, and by their witness everyone knows it. They end every show with Bill, the rhythm guitarist and sometimes lead vocalist dismissing the crowd saying, “Take what you’ve felt here tonight and bring it to church tomorrow.”

That fire for Jesus has certainly grown over time. Like many Christian bands, their roots trace back to a small local church, and the Sunday worship band. In the case of TJP, Phil, Steve, and Sue were part of the praise music for a small local church. Over time, others popped in and out. Eventually, Chris and Bill settled comfortably into the praise band. Little did any of them know that God was setting the pieces in place for developing a ministry. Soon, with a few others dropping from the praise music duties, the beginning of TJP was stirring, as Bill, Steve, Sue, Phil, and Chris remained; five people challenged by God to carry His word to others through their love for music. Their growth outside of praise music at church began through “The Potter’s Room,” where at that time they were the Lifequest Praise Band. They developed into The Jesus Project as time wore on and as God bore that fire for Him deep into their hearts, and their ministry was well on its way. That fire for Jesus, and their gift for playing praise music has been blessed by God. They have become a band that has grown closer, and musically tighter; TJP now has a personality and a presence as solid Christian musicians.

God is opening doors, allowing them to take this band into a new kind of growth. At a recent Saturday night Coffee House hosted at All Saints, TJP “brought their A-Game” as Bill likes to say. Around 60 people were treated to a rocking couple of sets, musically tight and absolutely Spirit-driven. Their musical witness to the Lord shone forth all evening long, from Steve’s powerful vocals, or Sue’s melodious harmonies, to the hard driving beats of Chris’s drumming and Phil’s bass, all tempered with Bill’s rhythm guitar work. This was a band that brought out all of their top-shelf covers, including such Christian tunes as Casting Crown’s “Voice of Truth” or “I Can Only Imagine,” by Mercy Me, or Chris Thomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone). They were in fine form when delving into some TJP originals, “And Jesus Said” as well as “Book of Luke,” both penned by Phil, or Bill’s original “Anywhere You Lead,” or “Sing For Jesus,” co-written by Steve and Chris. Both sets offered a variety of popular and original offerings.

This night was an audition of sorts. In the audience was a Christian musician and music producer. He frequents many of the local coffee houses where he plays guitar and has his own witness that he willingly shares. This night though, he was hearing TJP live for the first time. He and the band were kicking around the idea of working up some promotion for TJP, but the only musical exposure he had with the band were a couple of roughly-produced clips on a MySpace page. He liked what he heard; as he left for the evening, he asked me to pass along his accolades to the band, and that he’d contact them. Currently, master tapes are being smoothed and worked, with the intent of pressing some CD’s. The band has shown a marked increase in local Coffee House bookings as of late, and their following is starting to grow.

It’s a blessing to me to witness this transition, albeit as a close “outsider”. I have watched TJP grow as a band for well over a year. I am friends with Bill and his wife Pam, and am slowly getting to know the other band mates little by little. From my perspective, I see God indeed opening doors for them; the notice of a prominent Christian Music Producer, and subsequently more bookings and exposure, and their first CD. I suspect that God has jump-started them to a new level.

The Jesus Project’s ministry is alive! They call themselves a “Project” and projects continue to grow and develop, and that is exactly what I see God doing with them. This band is a God-blessed ministry and in the Spirit I pray that they continue to grow, that they continue to touch people’s hearts through their music and their witness.

Look for The Jesus Project, playing at a local Coffee House, and prepare yourself to experience their special ministry.
- Saints Alive copywrite 9-29-2008

""Jesus Project" in concert"

(See the link for article text} - Middleboro Gazette


1) Sing for Jesus
2) Anywhere You Lead
3) From the Book of Luke
4) And Jesus Said

1) From the Book of Luke
2) And Jesus Said
3) Sing for Jesus
4) Lord of All
5) Open the Eyes of My Heart
6) Breathe
7) Anywhere You Lead
8) Days of Elijah
9) Mulberry Lane
10) If We are The Body (Live)



The Jesus Project began as the worship team for a church planting in Southeastern Massachusetts back in 2005.

It took some time but as 2007 approached, the band, as it exists now - had been assembled.

Performing songs from such artists as - The Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Building 429, and Mercy Me, the band began to cut its teeth and worked to develop the large vocal sound that would soon become their trademark.

After members began attending other houses of worship, the band sought to remain; playing together to praise God and fellowship with one another in His name and "THE JESUS PROJECT" was born.

What started as a basement band had turned into a traveling coffeehouse music ministry.

By 2008, the band had a handful of original songs and sought to record a demo. Soon, a 4 song EP was released independently and was well received.

2009 saw TJP (as friends and followers call them) play a full slate of coffeehouses and evangelical events. It was at this time the band was asked to play as part of a Christian music festival at a Minor League Baseball Stadium. The event was an overwhelming success, with THE JESUS PROJECT stealing the show. So much so that TJP headlined the same event the following year.

This led to the recording of the TJP's first CD titled "Sing For Jesus" - also self released. The response has been both enthusiastic and continual! The title track "Sing for Jesus" and the powerful "Lord of All" continue to receive regular airplay on Christian radio stations such as FM 90.5 "HISkids Ministry" radio show in the Boston area.

2010 saw TJP bring their ministry to East Coast venues in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Western MA.

2011 has seen yet another successful trip to PA.

Connecticut and New York events are currently in the works, with a possible West Coast trip being discussed.

With more than 15 original songs completed, a new CD is underway.

With The Lord's blessing, TJP continues to look for new ways to bring the word of God to His people through song.

TJP is every bit as comfortable playing a 30 seat coffeehouse as they are playing large outdoor stadiums, and they welcome any opportunity to do so.