The Jetties

The Jetties


The Jettie’s music can be described as a mix of pop/punk and a touch of metal. With distorted guitars and undeniably catchy riffs and melodies, their music is “the next mainstream sound”. Their lyrics are reminiscent of the popular 60’s surfer bands.


My main influence is my brother Rick Haitz (Discovery Channel/Monster Garage). I've also been influenced by the Beachboys, Greenday, Fall Out Boy, The Ventures, Blink182 and Sevendust. What makes me different from other bands is the mixing of all of these bands' sounds together, and that I sing mainly about surfing, having a good time, and of course the sweet sexy surfer girls. I love surfing and skimboarding. So, naturally I started singing about what I love to do.


Fell in Love

Written By: Sean Haitz

Wake me up, I’m feeling good / Got my girl and my board, it’s understood
Look baby, it’s overhead, the sets are clean / Watch me ride the waves in

You know I can’t explain, the way I feel / So I’m not on MTV with a major record deal
I’ll shoot the curl, baby, just for you / You know it’s true, all I want is you

I fell in love with you / You see a beginning of an awesome story
The sun rolling down, the waves crashing sound / Just you and me / Chilling on sunset beach

So I wanna take you around the world / Just to find the perfect wave
No money in our pockets / Just lovin’ and rockin’ to this beat
Puts you on your feet / Lovin’ and romancin’, let’s keep on dancin’

Tidal Wave

Written By: Sean Haitz

Rise up real early, put wax on my board / Heading out the waves, while the sun’s still gray
I’m paddling out across the floor
There’s something about surfing that everyone should know
You feel like you’re on top of the world, on top of the world, on top of the world

R-I-D-E, want you to / R-I-D-E, want you to / R-I-D-E want you to / Ride the tidal wave

Surf report just in, overhead surf, five-second periods
If you’re not a professional, stay out of the water
After class, walk outside / See this hottie I like / Just too shy
So I jump in the scrambler, trying to look cool / With the boards in the back, screaming outside of school
I see a hottie I just might like / Whoops, there she goes, never see her again

Here it comes / Paddling down / Across floor / Dropping in / Now everybody ride

Skim Song

Written By: Sean Haitz

Sets are coming in right off shore / Gonna one step drop, put my Zap to the floor
I’m gonna ride the wave, take it, it’s mine / Gonna carve the wave, this time
I’m sorry this is how it will be / In life I do what I want / In life I take what I want

All I want to do is skim / It’s all I want, it’s all I need

Winds are picking up, my board’s feeling light
So I put some sand on the back, give it some weight, all right
Running for it, I’ll show you how to ride / Running for it, got barreled inside

I’m sorry this is how it will be / In life I do what I want / In life I take what I want


Sean Haitz (writer/singer/guitarist) wrote and performed The Skim Song for Zap Skim Boards on their new DVD called “Pullin’ G’s”. Zap Skim Boards is a mainstream skim board company, selling boards worldwide.

Set List

I have a 8- song demo. If you're interested, then e-mail me at