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The Jettison Commitment

London, Ontario, Canada | SELF

London, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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Canada is doing it again. It seems like as the years go by more and more rock bands are spring up in those Canadian territories. TJC or The Jettison Commitment hails from Ontario and with their fast paced metal spiked with softer melodic interludes this band seems to be a force to be reckoned with. In March of 2009 they played St. Andrews Hall, having won the Detroit 2009 Ernie Ball “Taste of Chaos” Battle of the Bands. This opportunity, the tremendous audience response and label and media awareness has created a new inspiration, and a new energy that has become the thriving force behind the bands latest projects. A five track EP surfaced from that opportunity. They hit the road in July to promote the album with the official CD release show coming on August 20, 2009.
This Changes Everything opens up with a little intro of keys/piano that floats right into “Cuts Hurt Kids,” a fast aggressive track with awesome guitars, pounding drums, and multiple vocals flying about. There is no wonder why they won the Taste of Chaos spot, they fit in perfect. The guitars soar with many solo spots as the drums will knock you out with a one two punch. The vocals are the many attraction. The multiple lays of vocals are quite smooth through their transitions and the screams that they use are perfectly placed as they enhance the song in the right places. “Double Rye & Coke” makes your head spin. It is a mosh pit waiting to happen. They infused a perfect combination of heavy shit with a smooth Warped Tour sound creating the ultimate song. This is one of those the you can enjoy over and over again. It offers so much and any heavy metal band would be proud to have it on their album. “Question Number One” is a bit more poppy than metal. It’s a change of pace of TJC, but is an awesome track that has so much to offer. It shows that they can do more than just trash and wail on their instruments. They can place their heart and soul out there in a vulnerable way. “The Tide’s Rising” gets back to the metal with fast paced guitars soaring to new heights and drums that will stomp a mud hole in you. They again place multiple vocals in the track the enhances the overall appearance of them. They flow so well together and the guitar solo is phenomenal. All I have to say it let loose and enjoy! The album ends with “Satin Finish” a short 2 minute track. It opens with a blast of high energy and raging tunes, poring out to be heard. The fast pace drums are some of the fastest you will ever hear as they pound with intensity. It ends abruptly like the power was shut off. It’s a weird ending and I’d like to have seen it a bit of something fading out. Overall this is a killer start. I think if TJC continues the way they are going they could join the ranks of the big boys in no time. They certainly have the talent with their instruments and the writing isn’t bad either. It’s hard to just pick just one of the elements in their tracks to like, because the guitars are phenomenal, the drums are fast and the vocals flow so well. They play fast and hard leaving nothing in the tank. The mosh pits at their shows have to be big and painful. I can’t wait for more from The Jettison Commitment.
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Rating: 8 out of 10
Tracks To Watch:....
Double Rye & Coke, The Tide’s Rising


The Jettison Commitment is a five piece progressive harcore/metal act hailing from London, Ontario. The band has recently begun making a name for themselves with the release of their debut EP, “This Changes Everything”, which I have the pleasure of reviewing for you all right now. So let’s get to it, shall we…
The EP opens with your good, old fashioned 30 second piano/violin intro. It’s been done before but the soothing melodies do a nice job of enhancing the explosion of sound in store for the listener when the first real track, “Cuts Hurt Kids” begins. From the get go it’s clear The Jettison Commitment know how to play their instruments with an intensity worthy of comparisons to Thrice in their heavier days. Plenty of technical guitar work, transitions, and breakdowns. Vocally, it would be safe to classify this band as screamo with constant transitions between melodic singing and screaming and it works well for them (think Senses Fail). On “Cuts Hurt Kids” and “Double Rye And Coke” there are a fair amount of group sung/shouted choruses which I’m sure will be crowd favorites at shows, and great songs to shout along to in the car.
“Double Rye And Coke” is the next track on the EP and my personal favorite, perhaps because it sounds so much like a song you’d find on a Senses Fail album like “Still Searching”. It’s fast and heavy with a good ratio of screaming to melody in the vocals and some great group shouting/singing verses.
“Question Number One” stays heavy but slows things down considerably, maybe a little too much for my liking, but “The Tide’s Rising” picks things up again swiftly.
The album concludes with “Satin Finish”, easily the heaviest of the tracks with the most screaming/growling on the vocals but lots of good transitions vocally and instrumentally.
Overall this album is a great first release for a band emerging on a scene overrun with too many bands that sound exactly the same. ”This Changes Everything” exemplifies that The Jettison Commitment have the song-writing capability and musical talent to differentiate them from the mediocre and I’m looking forward to hearing a full-length from these guys in the future. -

It's been a while since I've reviewed anything scene, and I feel like I've kind of missed out on what's been going on, so I've made it a point to myself to check out and introduce some small, yet unknown bands to you guys. And folks, this name drop's gonna be like the bomb that hit Hiroshima for anyone into scene, so pay attention and check this out: if you're into Alexisonfire, old FFAF, early LoveHateHero, early Silverstein, a bit of old school Finch, and a tiny bity of cheese in the vein of Hawthorne Heights.....generally anything from the first wave of emo/screamo about five-six years ago, before the bands started sounding so goddamn manufactured and fake, back when the sound wasn't so derivative, then The Jettison Commitment has just hit home run with their new EP "This Changes Everything....".

Why? Because the band combines together early Alexisonfire speeds (almost punk) with early FFAF & Silverstein dynamics (think blinding guitar leads and scales) and clean vocals with just the right degree of angst to them - like Punchline, Hawthorne Heights - that are constantly mirrored by raw, unproduced screams for contrast. Yeah, this is by the books post-hardcore / screamo, but why does it sound so fresh? Maybe because the overall feeling is that which was present in the first wave of emo/screamo bands of the 2000s. You know, the one before the Blessthefalls, Burden Of A Days, The Devil Wears Pradas ruined the scene with their manufactured (albeit admittedly, still somewhat catchy and appealing to teenagers today), breakdown infested sound. The Jettison Commitment aren't entirely devoid of breakdowns either, but for the most part, their music is characterized by a melodic flow that isn't unnecessarily broken down to sections where it feels like the band just ran out of ideas of how to continue the song. As a result, the songs are ridiculously catchy, though "Cuts Hurt Kids" possibly extends the 'ridiculously' adjective into the kind that, when played live frequently enough, will see crowds grow and grow and grow and grow....until they're the next sensation in the genre, covered by any self-respecting magazine focusing on post-hardcore and screamo. For now, they're a small band from Ontario, Canada, that you should get to know before they blow up. That is, if they're able to uphold their level of songwriting for the next couple of releases, at least. [8]
Download: Cuts Hurt Kids
For the fans of: Silverstein, Alexisonfire, Hawthorne Heights, Finch, LoveHateHero


KKEEEYYIIIAA EP - Release Spring 2011

'Blood Sport' - Single released in May 2010 is getting airplay on FM96 in London ONT

This Changes Everything.. EP
'Double Rye and Coke' and 'Cuts Hurt Kids' are getting radio airplay on FM96 in London ONT.



The Jettison Commitment is bigger, stronger and faster than ever and will stop at nothing until they rip every last one of your faces off.

Winner of the Warped Tour 2010 ErnieBall Battle of the Bands Toronto.

Winner of the 2009 Taste of Chaos ErnieBall Battle of the Bands Detroit.

Winner of the 2010 Jack Richardson Award: Best Metal Band