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We are singer/songwriter, alt-country, acoustic soul-rock. We are a collaborative partnership cultivated over the past 15 years. We are a working band, averageing 100 shows a year. We have been completely independent and self producing to this point. Just..Good..Times!

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These Tonights

Written By: Dean Kostlich/John Wiatrak

I remember when it wan't so hard
Before the strip malls on the boulevard
Football and Farris wheels would make for one hell of a Friday night

Was it so simple then or did we pretend
The early years would never end
And we would never have to say goodbye

Now when I find myself wondering…I look around

(C) Between the sunrise and the sunsets
We work too hard and often find
Allot of heartache allot of regret
It's all just a waste of time
So lets head out girl make it right girl
Stop the world and make it last
These tonights go by way too fast…these tonights go by way too fast

I remember when I married my friend
We thought the honeymoon would never end
And the world would never disagree with all our plans

Now the big yard the kids and the cars
The 2nd mortgage and the second job
Life never promised or gives a damn about out plans


Bridge: Take our time, take our place, take our love, we'll find a way
As the sun sets on our shore, take me down I want more
For you the night will never end, for you
For you my lover and my friend
For you I'd do it all again… life to you