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The Jigawatt Trio



In 2005, guitarist Steve Richards, drummer Chris Morrow and bassist Justin Franciose formed the Jigawatt Trio. Inspired by fusion icons Herbie Hancock and Weather Report, the guys sought to combine elements of rock, funk, Latin, and jazz with plenty of improvisation. Their goal, to make music that would engage both casual listeners and skeptical critics.

For two years, the Jigawatt Trio gained traction as they performed live in Chicago clubs and festivals. Spontaneous deviations from arrangements during live performances often led to productive new directions for their music. A year-long residency at a local coffee house allowed the Jigawatt Trio to closely interact with their audience. The Jigawatt Trio debut album, Scenes, is the culmination of these experiences. Containing seven original tunes and three club-hardened standards, Scenes conjures a vibrant urban soundscape.

Scenes recently reached the national airwaves. Russ Davis, program director at XM 72, Beyond Jazz, referred to the Jigawatt Trio as “an incredibly funky and inventive group” and has added Scenes to their regular rotation. Barry Winograd at WXRT in Chicago has also played songs from Scenes in his weekly show, Jazz Transfusion.

Here is a sample of what others have written about Scenes:

“Overall, this is a rather original melding of styles into a cohesive whole, one that sometimes swings, often zings, and rocks in a number of places.”
– Russ Boissoneau, Progression Magazine

“Absolutely one of the coolest & warmest sounding records I have heard in a long time”
– Larry Kriz, Owner, LNL Recording - Elgin, IL

“It's amazing... You guys are so tight. You have a great sense on how to shape the music.”
– Paul Ward, Music Director, North Coast Family Fellowship - Seaside, OR

In 2008, the Jigawatt Trio will perform in Chicago and beyond to promote Scenes. With a collection of new arrangements ready for the road, their live show will continue to evolve. The Jigawatt Trio will help you feel more than the funk.

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Scenes - Released July 2007

Set List

Three 45 minutes sets comprising instrumental original material and standards. Standards in our repertoire include:

Afro Blue
Mr. PC
I Wish
Softly as in a Morning Sunrise

and more...