the jim charette sound project

the jim charette sound project

 Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

I am not a performer,nor do I consider myself a musician.I am simply an artist experimenting with sound in much the same way that I experiment with any other medium.As i will never paint the same picture twice I will never play the same thing twice.I trust my muses and improvise everything.


I started the jim charette sound project on April 8th of 2008 with the goal of recording and posting one new piece of music every day online,for an entire year.At the end of that year I couldn't stop and as I come up on the three year anniversary of it's inception,I have posted over 40 discs of material so far,all of it improvised and almost all of it,performed completely by myself.
I see no difference between the music that I am fortunate enough to create on a daily basis and the other mediums that I work in.Painting,writing,video,cartoons,tattoos and so on,it is all the same to me.Liquid Art.One flows into the other and all of it comes from trusting my muses and just jumping headlong into the creative process.
I have been heavily influenced by the spirit of men like Frank Zappa,Miles Davis,Tom Wiaits and anybody else that has forsaken a more widespread appeal for work that is challenging and true to their artistic vision.


available on bandcamp:
book of the floaters
the book of forbidden choices
the tale of pudgy's garden
redundancy cycle
book of the imposters
book of the bipeds
a wild asses guide to blood born pathogens
book of the unannounced
the book of bad advice
the book of lost messages
sonic emergence of the arcanum of the wild asses
looners.splooshers and the damnable furrys
bodies in the trunk-songs for serial killers
mantras of the muses
another day above the dirt
one for the krampus
a little bit of trouble
jitter juice
perfectly human
humor me
head out the window
on the guest list tonight
it's 4:20
spank it
you are not father christmas
all riled up(featuring david aguiar and the electric lizards)
available on
as above so below
ghost dance
maximum freak outage
because of you
another odd year
inappropriate behavior
zomborchestra-music for the undead by the undead
hard to fathom
keep yer'hands outa'the cage
mr.medium decaf milk no sugar
briething(featuring gabrielle lecomte)