The Jimmy Whip Project

The Jimmy Whip Project

 Washington, New Jersey, USA

A collection of seasoned veterans playing what can best be described as pure, power driven rock/metal blended with hook laden lyrics. A perfect blend of old/new school that fits in with today's sounds yet feels and vibes like that of yesterday's time tested brilliance.


The Jimmy Whip Project combines soulful , heartfelt old school tones and influences with the aggression and energy of the best of today's sounds to create an extremely powerful listening experience.

Fueled by the team of studio and stage veterans Jimmy Whip - gtr/lead vox , and Kenny Howard - drums/percussion/backing vox , the Jimmy Whip Project is a unique mix of musical styles and genres , leaning towards the more aggressive edge of their combined musical roots. This aforementioned combination has resulted in consistent Top 5 rankings ( #1 on numerous occasions) in New Jersey and Top 40 in the USA on Myspace under the category of unsigned Metal acts. Also, The song Trampstamp recently garnered the #1 song spot in New Jersey in the Metal category on OurStage , and the song Adamar also captured the same #1 ranking in the Rock Instrumental category.
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Written By: Jimmy Whip


Were you gonna tell me
Whyd you make me wait
Where you gonna lead me
Don’t you hesitate

Why did I believe you
Whyd you do me wrong
Read your backside billboard
I wrote this song

Once upon a time there was
A man who would be king
Then you came along
And you stole everything

Now you marked yourself
For the bloody world to see

You cant hide it
All can see

Existence – its leading me
Resistence – its bleeding me

Copyright 2006
Jimmy Whip


Written By: Jimmy Whip


Runnin round with your hands in the air
You cannot see what is real
Taken back by a cold empty stare
Now how does that make you feel

You don’t know what I’m talking about
Your thoughts they all run astray

Telling lies that no one can rebuff
At least that’s your belief
Sever ties that you think are so tough
Your answers just bring you grief

You don’t know what I’m talking about
Your thoughts they all run astray
You carry on you scream and shout
How could you leave me this way

Speaking words that nobody should hear
Time and again you repeat
Sideways wisdom is all you can offer
Soon it will lead to defeat

CH2 (2x)

Copyright Jimmy Whip 2006

Lemmy Up

Written By: Jimmy Whip

Lemmy Up

You woke up today , daydream in your way
Nothing planned & nothing spoken
So you ask yourself , am I on the shelf
When did I become a token

Try to turn away , just another day
No one near can ever break you
You may sacrifice , you may lead the life
No one here will ever wake you

As you turn the page , life becomes a rage
No one understands the passion
Try to venture near , tell them to stay clear
Now that it’s become the fashion
Standing all alone , senses overgrown
No escape from rhyme or reason
All part of the plan , this is who I am
Time to start a brand new season

You hold the key that they let go

Tears – Rage – all the world’s a stage
I don’t know who planned it that way
Truth – Lies – all the compromise
I don’t care there’ll be another day

Copyright Jimmy Whip 2008


Written By: Jimmy Whip

When the time comes
You won’t notice that you’re
Simply Holding on
You won’t notice-you won’t know-can’t you see

Settled down by
Those awakened you once knew
Standing by your side
Endless seasons
Bringing sun into moon
Keep you in your stride

Walk the straight line
Using all your senses
Brings you into light
Always leading
Find new paths along the way
Gets you through the night

GO , can’t you see what awaits you
Do you want to be free
Don’t let it escape you
GO , see what confronts you
Bring it to me
Don’t let it sedate you


The Jimmy Whip Project debut CD was released January 21st, 2010.
Jimmy Whip-gtr/voice
Kenny Howard - drums
Tony Frankilin - fretless/fretted bass

Set List

Set list consists of 10 - 15 songs , depending on venue and time constraints. Set consists of original material with 1 or 2 covers thrown in at band discretion. Covers are dictated by band , based upon crowd demographic. Covers are usually old school rock/metal choices that are geared to give the audience not only something more familiar to listen to but to blend with the originals in the set , thus making the original numbers more easily familiar.