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The best kept secret in music


"The Jingle Kings: Utopia Dr. 2006"

Dramatic piano and versatile electronics combine to generate a lavish series of tunes that capture the desolation and promise of a stretch of urban landscape. While the classical piano evokes an earnest humanity, the swaying electronics provide an airy contrast that is both dire and optimistic, depending on the intention of the melody. For both moods are represented here, although the darker tunes do seem to hint at positive outcomes lurking behind the forlorn ordeals of life.

Sighing keyboards contribute pensive atmospherics, while more stately chords coax the listener closer to the tunes. A symphonic flair surfaces every once in a while, infusing the songs with a rigorous idealism.

Some percussion is employed, but rarely to drive the tuneage into any rhythmic frenzy. The tempos are deliberate and graceful, matching the frequently heavenly quality exhibited by the music. There are a few instances, though, where gripping beats erupt, accompanied by guitar and bass to achieve a more conventional sound.

Jingles actually contribute little to this music. The melodies are mature and expansive, striving to stimulate the soul with rich emotion. As the CD progresses, though, the tunes adopt more body and drama, but the intention remains clearly one of serious deliverance instead of escapism. - Matt Howarth / SONIC CURIOSITY

"The Jingle Kings: Kinky Dreams 2008"

This collection of mellow breakbeat tracks isn't particularly kinky or dreamy, but it's a pleasant listen nonetheless.
The song titles on Kinky Dreams are the sexiest part of the album. Drawing on an actual dream recalled by a friend, programmer and producer Jeffrey Bridges takes an understated approach, and that's probably for the best; artists like The Hafler Trio, Hecate, and Venetian Snares have already explored the concept of creating music out of actual sampled sex sounds, and it's an idea that only goes so far. Besides, once you get over the fact that songs like "So Many Couples" and "KY Jolly" aren't the lube-drenched sonic sex parties suggested by their titles, you're free to enjoy Kinky Dreams for what it is: a pleasant collection of mellow breakbeat-oriented electronica with hints of jazz and dub influences. Though at times it gets a little too mellow and pleasant for its own good, as on "Between the Sheets" with its tinny synthesizer bleats or "Three Way Contact" with its rather bland down-tempo rhythm, it's overall an enjoyable, untaxing listen. "Blue Jelly Vibe" combines a friendly synthesized jazz bass with dub-flavored percussive echoes, "Everyday Ways" blends analog fuzziness with a sly electric organ motif, and "The Walk Around" sets minor-key warbles and piano chords to a house groove. Though Bridges crafted the entirety of the album with Propellerhead Software's Reason program, he displays a penchant for more organic sounds, but he's got a definite fondness for vintage synthesizers, as well; "Everyone's Clothed" recalls classic electro with its twanging metallic beats, and "No Paper" moves into the ambient IDM territory of Aphex Twin's earliest compositions. All in all, Kinky Dreams is probably a little too tame to bring to your next orgy, but its smooth brand of electronica would be perfect for a quiet evening in with cocktails and a few friends. - Matthew Johnson / Re Gen Magazine

"The Jingle Kings; Kinky Dreams 2009"

A host of clever electronics generate a lively dose of tasty tuneage boosted by spry percussion.

The electronics are sinuous and especially glutinous, flowing like sonic honey around the other sounds, cementing everything together into enticing compositions. A full range is utilized, from keyboard riffs to expansive sweeps to chittering effects. A surging presentation often bestows sounds with an alluring otherness, transforming prosaic into exotic structures that glisten with high appeal.

Hints of numerous conventional instruments appear (either in their actual form or synthesized), fleshing the tunes out with rumbling bass and rollicking horn sections and artificial choirs and sighing accordions.

The percussion plays a major role here, seasoning the music with strident rhythms measured to appropriately propel the songs. The tempos are lively, crisp and straightforward, yet communicate a novel demeanor in their emphasis of the music’s electronic nucleus.

These compositions ingeniously combine a stately posture with a sense of joviality. The music’s real charm comes from its smirking delivery, producing sprightly melodies that sway and cavort with a certain jubilant character. Happy-time tuneage full of alternative charm. - Matt Howarth / SONIC CURIOSITY


Electronic/Ambient Releases
The Jingle Kings- Drive Thru 2004
The Jingle Kings-Utopia Dr. 2006
The Jingle Kings-Kinky Dreams 2008
The Jingle Kings-The New Megalopolis 2010



I've been a performing bassist for 30 years with various groups and musical genres. An electronic music composer/arranger/producer for 8 years.