The JMC Project

The JMC Project

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

The JMC Project is a sextet where the texts are set, the sets are tight,where jazz and hip-hop set the record straight. An explosive mix out to make a statement, this project is not about making it. It's about the fun while making it. Music. And that's it.


«It's passed 11 p.m., a red New Beetle is being pushed by two guys on St. Laurent Boulevard… even if they have car problems, The JMC Project's music is on the move!»

Using the confidence and maturity acquired from making their first studio album, The JMC Project returns with their second EP, "Hey People". In creating their new album, the band has also made way for new talent straight from the alps; saxophonist Felix Petit definitely gets to down to brass tacks on this one. The Project has defined their unique sound and is officially back with the magic. You will bob your head to this. Oh Snap!

Still faithful to their influences; a good dose of nu-jazz, a hint of soul, a dash of hip-hop and some saxual brass, the JMC’s motto is still to be groovy and to do a bang-up job. The help of a sensual singer, a dedicated MC and a solid rhythmic section are vital. Thanks to Marjorie Fiset, Peter Tardif, Philippe Cyr, Guillaume Tondreau, Félix Petit and William Côté. Nu-jazz influenced by Medeski Martin & Wood; hip-hop à la The Roots; soul alike Erykah Badu ! Voilà! This is what the so fresh and so green music of the JMC sounds like.

Nu-jazz influenced by Medeski Martin & Wood ; hip-hop à la The Roots ; soul alike Erykah Badu ! Voilà! This is what the so fresh and so green music of the JMC sounds like. Their album represents a particular musical evolution brought on by the amalgamation of jazz and hip-hop; out to save the world with one jazz dream! Making a Statement is also a critique of important global issues; Uncle Sam's influence is of concern to MC Peter Tardif and they haven't been able to shut him up yet!

Since its creation in 2007, The JMC Project has performed on over 80 different stages in Quebec and Ontario such as l'Impérial, Club Soda, Babylon Night Club, Arbor Room, Cabaret Box Office, Woodstock en Beauce, Quebec City Summer Festival and the Off Festival.

The JMC Project came to life in Quebec City in 2006. Philippe Cyr , jazz afficionado, wants to create something new, something original. He has a project in mind and wants to attain maximum groove and give jazz music a new image for today's generation. Phil asks for the collaboration of his old guitar teacher turned bass player, Guillaume Tondreau, to record bass riffs for some of his compositions. Mr. T.'s style and ingenuity make him a key element for this new musical project to take flight.

The project is only beginning to explore the adddition of vocals when Phil asks Marjorie Fiset, A.K.A. Marj A.K.A. The Chick, a singer whom he met at Laval University, to join in on some tracks. With the addition of this eye-opening voice, the trio is now looking to make some groovalicious jazz while making it accessible for all. The addition of Peter Tardif, an MC that Phil first met in the hip-hop formation known as Mindz, allows the group to fuse jazz and hip-hop together and thus extend their reach to those for whom jazz is unknown. The poets natural flows, instinct, and rhythm fit perfectly with the goal of the project and so the saga continues.

With their common goal being an insatiable appetite for groove, the project needs an essential element: rhythm with a capital W ! Active drummer in Quebec's jazz scene and for the band L'Orosité, William Coté becomes a necessity. Simple, effective, and original, his contribution is undeniable.

The last ,but not the least, member to join the quintet is also known as Senor Extravaganza. Friend and musical colleague of Phil's since college, this musical madman is the one with the sax, not the axe. Jod Lamarche's eccentric, colorful improvisation and effects pedals turn the pre-established groove towards electro-like horizons ... and then some! And then they were six. The band is now complete and it's jazz with an MC, thus standing for the JMC. Project.

The RH Factor
The Roots
Medeski, Martin & Woods
Erykah Badu
Soweto Kinch
Russell Gunn
John Scofield
James Brown
Electro Deluxe
Kanye West
Guru's Jazzmatazz

Important concerts (excerpts):

• 13 mai 2010 - Rivoli, Toronto
• 14 mai 2010 - Montreal House, Peterborough
• 15 mai 2010 - Hideout, Toronto
• 16 mai 2010 - Mansion, Kingston
• 3 juillet 2010 - Festival de jazz de Montréal, Scène Bell
• 17 juillet 2010 - Théâtre Plaza, Montréal
• 21 juillet 2010 - Théâtre Granada, Sherbrooke
• 20 août 2010 – Festival Urbain , Trois-Rivière
• 28 septembre 2010 – Il Motore, Montréal
• 30 septembre 2010 – Festival de Jazz, Québec
• 11 décembre 2010 – Carré D’Youville, Québec
• 10 mars 2011 – La folie des bands, Québec
• 16 avril 2011 – Festival de Jazz & Blues, Chicoutimi


In The Mix

Written By: Peter Tardif

I’m a mix of things
Caught up in the mix of things
Cause I like to mix people up
With the things I sing
Considered a sin
Simply said I’m a saint
But then again
I don’t do miracles so I ain’t
I’m a wordsmith son
In case you didn’t notice
Welding words like verbose
And verbiage in a sentence
I’m a phraseologist
For those who can’t speak
Denouncing injustices
Made upon the weak
Or for those brainwashed
Who just can’t see
Shed light for those blinded
With a capital B
Don’t be close minded
To these fat little beats
When jazz with an emcee
Grabs the mic and speaks
We’re like Jack Bauer
On the jazz scene

Out to save the world
With one jazz dream
Too many jazz fiends
Lining up on jazz street
3 o’clock and the spot’s
Telling people to leave

In the mix of all the action
That what’s gonna happen
The organic feel of this music
Is still standing
Instruments dearly needed
To uphold the last bastion
Getting so old
The foundation started cracking
Dilapidated, rappers acting
There’s a game to rapping
When gold around the wrist
And chains around the neck
Make up for what you decided
Not to put in your head
If these guys were swimming
They’d already be dead
It’s good thing that hip-hop
Evolved from jazz
On to really bigger and better Computer programs
Better hip-hop artists
And even better rap scams
Rhythm and poetry
Thats for what rap stands
It doesn’t rep bands
Gangs and big guns
That’s a by product sold
Just to gain funds
And so we got lost
Right after day one
Not enough rap fiends
On the jazz dream run

We’re going back to the source
In case you didn’t know
From Miles, to Marvin
And even Satchmo
Such a mouth he had
Such a style we’re trying to show

Spare Change

Written By: Peter Tardif

While you
Keep going
Without a clean shirt
Some change
Inside the gold pocket remains

Could anybody spare some change
For a 5 dollar bill it’s driving’ me insane
I’m running around town
And people look at me funny
And they think that I’m crazy
Cuz I want change for my money
All I want is quarters
For the washing machine
To wash away the stains and dreams
Of the nations jeans
Could someone please have
The decency let me clean
And so its off to another shop
On another block

Hoping for the best but
Planning for the worst
Cuz it hurts my ego
Not to wear a clean shirt
This Buick regal is covered in dirt
Its rusted, pollutes, but at least it works
I guess change applies
When it needs to occur
Spare some if you can
Habits shouldn’t hurt
When it does that’s addiction
And it’s time for a cure
It’d take more than all the gold
In fort Knox to save the earth
Pennies aren’t much
For what my two cents are worth
And we keep knocking down
The pillars of the earth
And I don’t mean religion
But the values we observe
And it’s starting to get absurd
When we think it should get worse
That we can’t stop, that it can’t hurt

In case you didn’t get it
This track’s a metaphor
Cause people should listen up
And try to get some more
Human decency, please believe
We should be living free
These dirty jeans need to be cleaned Please deliver me

We need to get free
And spare some change an’

Making a Statement

Written By: Peter Tardif

Spinnin’ around in circles
This planet earths a circus
Waiting for the next freakshow
To leave it worthless
Bombing churches buses and persons
Are all filled with human C4 insertions
Which create diversions
Leading to death
When they coulda chose conversion
Instead they’re servants
To a leader who’ll never die on purpose
Who could be assasinated
By the next leader of congress
In a dishonest attempt
To take over the continents
Its common sense
Like the one presiding is the president
Think about it
Look at the countries precedents
First off they assasinated JFK
And now they are runnin around in Iraq
Like they own the place
And meanwhile the rest of the world
Acts like
Nothing’s going on and
Everything looks Bright
But its not
It’s a masquerade
With different faces and shades
That hide masks that fade
When the public gets a gaze
So CNN covers it all up in a day
With my man Larry K.
Live and direct about to say
Thanks a lot good night
God bless Canada and the USA

Making a statement
Is our mission statement
And that’s just it
Were doing it for justice
So don’t get it twisted
In case you didn’t know
In case you’ve got to go

I wish I had Greek oil money like Oasis
Jacqueline Kennedy’s
Husband was assassinated
Bobby soon followed while
Making a statement
The world is being controlled
By an alien nation
Hiding in offices far from the pavement
Enslaving the world
Is their mission statement
We are slowly, but surely,
Getting sedated
Filling the slaveships
Without even knowing it
Becoming property, ripe for ownership
To corporations and company’s
Who couldn’t give a shit
Who control us
With loosely fitted microchips
That could be removed
If we dared to use our wits
Give a man a ship and teach him to fish
Teach him to be anything he ever wished
Cuz to have too big a dream
Is simply a myth


Hey People EP - The JMC Project (QNJ 2011)
Making a Statement - The JMC Project (QNJ 2009)
Making A Statement (Single) - The JMC Project (QNJ 2008)
Ep - The JMC Project (QNJ 2007)

Set List

We usually do 60 minutes

1. 8 Years Later
1. Spare Change
2. I Can’t Stand It
3. Dream
4. Green
5. Galactic
6. June
7. I Know
8. Making a Statement
9. Eleanor
10. The Fall
11. In The Mix