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The J.O.B.

Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Alternative




"Richmond Music Roundup: November 4 – November 10"

"Smart pop rock that brings in Americana influence and theatrical tendencies to make a curiously cordial sound." [11/12/18]
—Doug Nunnally, The Auricular - The Auricular

"The J.O.B. Announces Single “Glory Never Comes”"

"The new song from The J.O.B. shines a spotlight on the post-war plight of over 37,878 veterans sleeping on the sidewalks of America every night." [10/2/18]
-- Elicit Magazine - Elicit Magazine

"Song Premiere: "Witching Well" by The J.O.B."

"True to their self-described alt-rock with a blues soul and Americana roots, the band stirs these genres into one potent and tuneful brew."
—The Big Takeover - The Big Takeover

"On The J.O.B."

"Dazzlingly layered and dripping with infectious chord progressions, “Lisa’s Song” dives into a heartfelt longing that lingers through the night, long past the final hours of twilight. " [10/1/18]
—Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume - Maximum Volume

"The J.O.B. - Lisa's Song"

"...superbly written compositions within the wall of sound..."

"...another fine release on its way by a band who are able to wrest emotional context out of dry stone."

-- Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands - Emerging Indie Bands

"An Interview With The J.O.B."

“…giving guitar lessons to fellow soldiers, writing music, playing talent shows in his camp isn’t how every soldier spends their recess, but then again, every soldier doesn’t return from deployment to lead a Top 40 nationally charting band."
—Jared Allen, Volume Magazine - Volume Magazine

"The 50 Best Richmond Records of 2018"

Highway Of Shadows by The J.O.B.
Release Date: November 9, 2018

The J.O.B.’s sound is instantly familiar, a natural evolution of the radio rock sound that emerged and dominated the late ’90s airwaves. But the band’s reach extends far beyond that recognizable style, with a story behind the band to inspire and a record full of themes and messages to unite. Led by Jim O’Ferrell, a veteran of the Iraq War, the band’s genesis is rooted in conflict and displacement, themes fully explored on the record either overtly or through the guise of a father-son relationship. But the band has risen out of that turbulent origin, exploring joy as much as loss through their songs. Helping pull all of this off is a talented collection of musicians who feed off the energy and talent of their counterparts in order to create some solid power rock melodies. Cutting through them is O’Ferrell’s voice, armed with a rich and elastic timbre that seems molded by that ’90s radio rock song yet sharpened by contemporary talent. All in all, it makes for one sleek rock record with enough hints of Americana to broaden its reach immensely here in town. —Doug Nunnally

Key Track: “Highway Of Shadows” - The Auricular


Premiere: The J.O.B. Dulcetly Yearn In Live Video For “Lisa’s Song”
By Doug Nunnally Published January 18, 2019 In News

Last November, power rock band The J.O.B. released Highway Of Shadows, a ten-song record built on timeless melodies and messages that shine through genuine skill and passion. It’s a tightly produced and wonderfully performed record from top to bottom, so impressive that we actually featured it a few weeks ago as one of the best records to come out of Richmond in 2018. Today, we at The Auricular are proud to premiere the latest video from this album, a live video of the heartfelt ballad “Lisa’s Song,” available to view below.

The video in question is taken from the album release concert The J.O.B. performed at The Firehouse Theatre in Richmond this past November. Shot and edited by Chris Ratterree and Jamie Rose, the video is presented in a clean and refined fashion that deftly captures the simple emotion and timeless impact of the song by highlighting the pleasing harmonies, cathartic guitar solos, and reserved talent on display in this wonderful track.

Gentle yet robust, “Lisa’s Song” relays the story of eternal loss and yearning that perpetually accompany a nomadic life. Here, it focuses on an itinerate musician and the personal sacrifices they make in order to support their craft, leaving behind not just love, but any semblance of home in pursuit of the illusive Muse. Alongside the yearning, the song is balanced quite well with a sense of realistic acceptance, which is felt through the length of the song as opposed to just the coda like other songs that offer a similar message.

The song opens up Highway Of Shadows and casts an imposing shadow on the rest of the record with a grand and infectious sound that soars in its vulnerable appeal. Lead singer Jim O’Ferrell’s vocals are pristine and beautifully layered with some delicate harmonies, allowing all the vocals to traverse a pleasing range throughout the song. In the background, the rhythm section provides a relaxed cadence that comes through like a daily affirmation while the guitars sprinkle in bright tones and sharp notes that allow the song to hone in on the acceptance aspect of the lyrics. All in all, it’s a polished take on a timeless message that simply dazzles in its execution.

Check out our exclusive premiere of the live video for “Lisa’s Song” below, and make sure to catch The J.O.B. live in concert around town, like tonight, January 18th, at Poe’s Pub in downtown Richmond. - The Auricular


Highway of Shadows - 2018 (LP)

Portraits - 2015 (LP)

Chance - 2013 (EP)

Letters - 2012 (EP)

231 - 2011 (LP)

Back to the World - 2010 (LP)



The J.O.B. from Richmond, Virginia is a band on a mission to touch the lives of everyday people with their music. Founders, Jim O’Ferrell (singer-guitarist) and Jason Crawford (lead guitarist), originally started the group in 2007 to record songs that O’Ferrell had composed during his recent deployment to the war in Iraq. They recorded their first EP shortly before O’Ferrell was called to serve overseas once again. 

A year later, in 2008, O’Ferrell was back from the war for good. Honorably discharged, he faced a new reality from a perspective that only a veteran can have. He had a trove of experiences and inspirations just waiting to be turned into songs, and that is when The J.O.B. began their musical evolution to become the potent alternative rock band they are today. 

The J.O.B. are storytellers, taking authentic human experiences and reflecting them like a mirror onto their audience. Their music is a true companion that makes people’s emotions relevant and meaningful. Every face in the crowd is an individual opportunity to form a bond. 

The J.O.B.’s music credits include 6 studio albums, 3 nationally charted songs, and scores of live performances ranging from saloons to festivals. Their 2018 release, Highway of Shadows, was chosen by The Auricular as 1 of the "50 Best Richmond Records of 2018.”

The J.O.B.'s music is in rotation on commercial, independent, and internet radio stations all over the United States and across the globe.

What fans are saying:

"True to their self-described Alt-Rock with a Blues soul and Americana roots, the band stirs these genres into one potent and tuneful brew." 

—The Big Takeover

"...a sound that sucks you along like the tail wind of a Mack truck. It leaves any crowd wondering what hit 'em." - Sara Metz, Metz Productions

" For these folks, not expressing themselves through music would be ludicrous, and it shows in the passion and dedication that’s infused into every note of their songs." - Ryan Mason, Magazine33

"...superbly written compositions within the wall of sound..." - Tim Whale, UK Indie Bands Blog

"American Rock's most fist-clinching, teeth grinding, death-defying, and truth-be-told band..." - Rampage448

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