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as The Joe (SOLO)

-The Proletariat LP [2006]
-Cool-School Geek-Rap BackPack Weird-Core The Mixtape [2006]
-Float or Flail [forthcoming]
-Ut Oh [2009]

with Rappers Are People

-Rappers Are People [forthcoming]

with the CBT

-Frightened Cries [2002]
-Authentic [2003]
-Real Life [2003]
-The CBT LP [2004]
-CBT is a problem the mixtape [2005]
-CBT is filling the awkward silence the mixtape [2007]
-CBT is struggling with insecurity [2009]




"Combining emcee Paul Barman's esoteric wit with Aesop Rock's baroque rhyme schemes and Busdriver's vocalese flow, Gurba is easily the most technically impressive independent rapper in Alberta's small-but-growing hip hop scene this side of Cadence Weapon."

- Kyle Francis, FFWD

"Listening to him, you can hear the inspiration from a bountiful ingestion of prolific writers, art house films and indie rock. The amount of ideas compacted into each of his songs is the blood infusion that the anemic hip-hop industry desperately needs more of these days. His wisdom is palpable through rhymes saturated with enough reference material for you to gain an entire university degree via a library card. His angle is rich and unique in the genre and his fast spoken words engulf the listener."

- Melissa Bishop, Beatroute Magazine

"A truly gifted lyricist with a talent that will surprise, amuse and downright move you. Forget what you thought about Alberta hip-hop -- The Joe will renew your faith in not only the art of rhyme, but in all forms of popular music."

- Chris dela Torre, CBC Radio

"Edmonton based rap artist, Joe Gurba, a.k.a The Joe has paid his dues tirelessly promoting gigs, producing tracks and performing along the way with his unique style that maintains an authentic tone and timbre - an increasingly difficult task outside the ghettos of NYC or LA.

A true performer at heart, he takes his method seriously enough to spit smart and yet create an ambiance of fun around his live shows and recordings. Not afraid to rip apart the cliches of his genre, he seamlessly blends prankster and gangster without ever losing his charm. A venerable enigma, The Joe is a lyrical machine finely tuned to seduce you with his slick spiritual stanzas, just before blind siding you with a cheap shot to your ego.

Look for this sophomore MC to have a break out year in 2009 with his forthcoming release, 'Uh Oh'."

- Jordan Schroder, Jam Union Creator: Podcast, Events, and Promotions

"The Joe is of the more intellectual variety, although not to be mistaken for pretentiousness... The lyrics showcase a passion for the English language, something Joe carries with him above all else."

- Edmonton SUN

"...garnering an audience in a scene that swoons for synth, he released two albums and won a Covenant Award..."

- VUE Weekly

"...the biggest misconception you can make about the hip-hop scene in Edmonton is that a rapper should be anything like what you would expect.
The Joe is living proof of that rule"

- HYPE Magazine

"He's a real poet. He knows what words are for."

- Alice Major, Edmonton's Poet Laureate

"Joe Gurba is an intellectual powerhouse who combines rhythm and rhyme with philosophical inquiry in a way that most men twice his age will never be capable of achieving. His smooth lyrics and playful style captures any audience, and spellbindingly leads them to the dance floor to shake what their mama's gave them from beginning to end. Although he is touted as a Christian Rapper, his music is approachable without being pedantic, and he flows with soul."

- Dorothy Dawn, Kelowna Show Promoter

"Every The Joe show is memorable — high-energy, enthusiasm, positive vibes. His interaction with the crowd is very personable, so no matter how many times he performs a certain song, it feels different every time it's live."

- Omar Mouallem aka AOK, VUE Weekly Writer

"Joe Gurba AKA The Joe brings a level of erudition to his flow that is simply not business as usual in hip-hop. This man reads the classics of literature and philosophy, and it shows in spades. Keen psychological observation, sardonic irony, blistering expression and exceptional on-stage panache collide in the Joe."

- Cecil Frena, Push Pins Events

"I rock THE JOE in my car all day with the best of them. We get thru half of the mixtape and someone always asks "who the F*CK is this? he's f*cking good." and I always say, it's my homie from Edmonton, The Joe, and they always say it's artists like The Joe that really did it for them way back when."

- derek porritt,

"With simultaneously hard-hitting and memorable flows, The Joe leaves no lyrical stone unturned when it comes to delivering his inspired rhymes. Flows to ponder and savour over is what you get from this versatile and intelligent artist."

- Obed Velasquez, scholar and literature connoisseur

"The Joe raps well... and means it."

- Don Welsh AKA iD, emcee and promoter of Hip Hop in the Park and WildStyle Wednesdays

"I find myself no longer looking for only great songs in music, but more-so great performances in the live setting. I have an eternal hunger that aches in my gut, crying 'engage me! entertain me! give me a reason to care!'. And Joe has fed me, and quenched this hunger, both for solid songs and great showmanship. Joe Gurba (the Joe) is one of