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"When I Think About Love"

Joe Mack - When I Think About Love - 12-song CD Produced by Joe Mack &
Ric Poulin; Engineered and mixed by Colman Hennesey, Peva Pardel, Ric Poulin; Recorded,
Mixed and Mastered at Bristol Studios, Boston MA. ÊÊÊÊ
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well on his new CD Joe Mack flatters the hell out of some of the best to ever pick up a guitar. All originals Êhere, but the influences are clear. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, JoeÊSatriani, and too many more to name, come shining through on this brilliant CD from the local bluesmaster. The flavor may come from the influences, but the cooking is all ÊJoe Mack. And cook he does. From tracks 1 to 12 andÊeverywhere in between, Joe Mack plays the blues with an unbridled enthusiasm and ability seldom found north of Êthe Mason-Dixon line.
ÊÊÊÊÊÊ The opening guitar lick of "They Say" is like a fish hook embedding itself into the base of your skull as it slowly reels you in. The title track "When I Think About Love" Êwith Joe's raspy vocals accentuated by the backing vocals of Teisha Sawyer and Bethany Wright. The lighthearted "I Used To Have A Brain (Then I Got Married)" with its classic line "since I became Mr. Right, everything I do is wrong." The depressing Ê"Peace of Mind" conjuring up images of a smoke-filled, darkened blues hall, an agingÊman at the end of the bar sipping his bourbon, contemplating life's mistakes. The exotic "Song For Jeanne," reminiscent of Stevie Rays' "Riviera Paradise." Beautifully written and performed. The all out jam of "Joes' Boogie". The foot stomping "Turnup Joe Zamp" (get it?) and the funky drive of "You Ain't What You Wear." "Hen House Blues" is a throwback to the way the blues used toÊbe, while "Desperate" (I love this song) incorporates the best of everythingÊthe blues has become. "Mean Old Woman ÊBlues" truly is as mean as a junkyard dog and the acoustic instrumental "Peppermint Stick" closes the CD with dramatic flair. I really can't say enough
about this guyÕs playing or this CD.
If you're a fan of the blues, the electric guitar, or just plain good music pick upÊthis CD. No collection should be without one. - Todd Crosby HHH1/2 &


"Joe Mack When I Think About Love"

****1/2 (out of *****)
ÊÊ The hidden treasures often are the best. Joe Mack is such a Êhidden treasure for sure. The guitarist, singer and songwriter Êcomes from the New England area and delivers such an excellent Êperformance on his guitar that one has to wonder why we Êhaven«t heard from him up to this day. One can hear influences Êreaching from Stevie Ray Vaughan or B.B. King to Joe Satriani
Êbut Joe Mack combines these influences to create his own Êunique style. Ê
ÊÊÊ Breathtaking technique comes along with grooving laid back Êattitude. Moreover Êhe calls a warm, sometimes rough voice his Êown that suits perfectly to his blues. ÊJoe Macks seems at home Êin many styles: Peter-Green-like instrumentals ("Song ÊFor ÊJeanne"), Satrianic heavy attacks ("Joe«s Boogie") and straight Êblues, that can Êbe real slow too ("Peace Of Mind"). ÊÊ
ÊÊÊÊHis licks stick in the ear, he is professional and emotional at the Êsame time. It«s clear to me why musicians like Duke Robillard or ÊSteve Vai are fans of Joe Mack, Êwho is also a great songwriter. ÊAnd in his songs he has the one or another good Êadvice for us all Ê("I Used To Have A Brain - Then I Got Married")! ÊÊ
Did I mention that I«ve found a real treasure? -Dietmar Hoscher- - CONCERTO MAGAZINE VIENNA, AUSTRIA

"The Joe Mack Band"

Caught live and in action, The Joe Mack Band struts their considerable chops on their latest CD offering. Covering all the basses from funk to straight blues to Van Halen-esque pyrotechnics, Mack and company display diversity and musical adroitness as they bounce from club to club throughout the New England area entertaining the masses.
Saddled with the talents of keyboardist Chris Billias, bassist Bill Drake and drummers Steve Wolpe and Artie Cranshaw, Mack brings out the best in his players on this live disc. But most impressive on this album is MackÕs ability to copy the artist heÕs covering with meticulous perfection. His renditions of Jeff BeckÕs ÒCause WeÕve Ended As LoversÓ, Larry CarltonÕs ÒDonÕt Give It UpÓ, Joe SatrianiÕs ÒSummer SongÓ and SantanaÕs ÒEuropaÓ are spot on and qualify as genuine prowess.
Amidst a sea of performing local talent, The Joe Mack Band rises above as one of the areaÕs shining stars.

- Metronome MagazineÕs Hearings


"WHEN I THINK ABOUT LOVE" CD 12 Original songs
"LIVE" CD 4 Originals, 8 cover songs all live!
"Song For Jeanne" Gets played on WZLX on Carter Allen's show on a regular basis.



ÊÊ The Joe Mack Band consists of four very hard working guys. Chris Billias on keys & vocals, Bill Drake on bass, Ron Stewart on drums and Joe Mack on guitar & vocals.
The most important thing about this band, besides the outstanding musicianship, is that theyÕre having a ball on stage, thoroughly enjoying each other as well as the music theyÕre creating and it shows!
All of them have had over 30 yrs. experience each, in many styles of music.
For instance, Ron Stewart has been on tour with AerosmithÕs guitarist Joe Perry in the Joe Perry Project. Ron played all the drums and percussion on Johnny AÕs 2nd CD ÒGet InsideÓ and has been touring with him up until recently when he joined the Joe Mack Band. Ron Is a fiery player & performer with tons of chops that he knows how to use and uses well.
Bill Drake, a graduate of the University of Miami is at home on the bass as well as guitar, keys & drums. Bill has done extensive traveling throughout the US & Canada. He is a rock solid bass player who can also slap & pop with the best of them. Check out his slamminÕ version of the song ÒFrankenstienÓ on JoeÕs myspace or on youtube and youÕll agree, or on under Joe Mack Frankenstien.
Chris Billias is a classically trained pianist who is currently head engineer of Bristol Recording Studios in Boston. He has played in various bands in and around the New England area for many years. He is an animated player that people love to watch as he flies up and downs the keys with total abandon.
Chris, Bill & Joe have been working together musically for over 10 years. Chris & Joe enjoy challenging each other during their fiery solo exchanges. A very good example of this can be found in the song ÒBlack Magic WomanÓ from the ÒLIVEÓ CD towards the end where they trade fours, twos and then play in unison and in harmony with blinding speed.
Guitarist, singer,songwriter, producer, Joe Mack has a history of performing in a variety of situations for over 30 years. His travels have taken him across the United States, Canada and the Carribean. Joe has also traveled to England, where he performed with Gail Moran-Corea (Chick CoreaÕs wife) as well as percussionist extrodinare Hossam Ramsy (Page & Plant, Peter Gabriel, The Rolling Stones and many others).
HeÕs also appeared on stage with; ÒGuitar WizardÓ Steve Vai and blues- legend, former Muddy WatersÕ guitarist Luther ÒGuitar JuniorÓ Johnsonas well as opening for the fabulous Johnny Winter!
Currently Joe is promoting his all orginal CD and The Joe Mack BandÕs ÒLIVE CDÓ in and around the New England area to rave reviews. Come and see for yourself what the buzz about this band and this man is all about!