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"Rock around the Block"

The Chronicle review

This is the review by Jason Irwin in this weeks "Chronicle"

Rock around the Jason Iwrin

I stopped into the new Fort Ann hot spot Frosty's Steak-Out (formally Rick and Carol's) on Super Bowl eve to catch a set from the Joe Mama Band. I had some fun creating a makeshift, snowbank parking spot since the parking lot was full, a good sign for the new establishment. Once inside, it wasn't too hard to pick out singer/guitarist Phil Camp, proudly decked out in Chicago Bares garb (and I'm writing this in the aftermath Sunday, sorry, Phil!)

After a brief hello, I sat back as the band took the stage for their second set of the night. I was glad to hear a familiar tune(no, not Freebird, either) as the group chose "Ride the sky" the first song from their new origional CD, as the set opener. The sound was very impressive, although I would expect nothing less from this seasoned lineup, which includes veteran sound engineer Jeff Britton on drums. Jeff plays an amazing homemade aluminum kit too, which is somewhat as object of admiration for purcussion enthusiasts. the band also boasts the talents of bassist Marty Montena, and Mark Orlosky rounds out the quartet on the black-and-whites.

The "JMB" just finished the recording of their second album,entitled "Green pepper air freshener." It's a real-life, blues-rock road trip, which takes off from the North Country in a muddy 4x4, and hits every run-down beer joint in the country before returning home.

Phil's superb songwriting and slick guitar licks lay a solid foundation for a really great story.

It even gets a little funky along the way, with bouncy tracks like "You were the love" which actually reminded me of Blood-sugar era Red Hot Chili Peppers. My favorites are the opening track, mentioned above, and a roots rock jam called "Gravity"

The CD, recorded by Britton's own Pork Chop Productions, sounds incredible, especially for an entirely self-made project.

Jeff and Phil co-produced the sophmore release, which should be available in early March. The new songs are already garnering some local FM airplay, and the band hopes to branch out even further. You can even catch a glimpse of the guys on TV-8's "8Trax Live" this Saturday at 10pm.

Of course the band still happily caters to the cover crowd as well. And if you like them, be assured that this is a covers-done-right type of outfit. the crowd swarmed the floor for danceable numbers like "Play that funky music" And although I personally remail perpetually baffeled, the timeless (or is it tireless) classic, "Sweet home Alabama" continues to drive them wild.

When I asked about the balance of covers verses origionals, Phil said "Where that (performing cover songs) brings a certian kind of satisfaction, getting a good reaction to a song you wrote brings a whole different kind of happiness to the musical process."

"There's nothing like a positive reaction to a tune you wrote. there are a few songs on the new disk that are very personal to me."

"An event that happens in ones life that has such an impact on you, that to be able to project that emotion through your music is very powerful. I can only hope we can make such a connection, or emotional bond with the listener."

So hey, try this next time you see the Joe Mama band performing...instead of yelling "Free Bird", scream for "Can Man" and you might hear something you like. Even if (gasp) you haven't heard it before. For information on upcoming performances, and to listen to some of the new tunes, chech out

- The Chronicle

"More Locals to watch out for"

More locals to watch out for

Updated: 1/18/2007 01:25:41 AM EST

Joe Mama Band "Green Pepper Air Freshener" I got one. You want one.

Phil Camp and the fellas from Joe Mama Band are set to release their latest, "Green Pepper Air Freshener," sometime in February. The album is a 16-song romp that genre-bends through country, folk, bluegrass, ska, and rock. Joe Mama Band is like rock 'n roll stew in an all day crockpot of funk.

JMB's latest gets in your face with complex bass lines and dancing keys. Camp's guitar tracks are crisp and accentuated by the effects of stellar production.

Tracks you'll dig: "You were the love" is reminiscent of a light-hearted hybrid of Faith No More's "Be Aggressive" and The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Around the World." The opening track, "Ride the sky," is a hard-hitting jam. "Human" is fast talking and just plain trippy.

Want to see them live? Joe Mama Band will be at The Full Moon Bar and Grill Friday night and O'Toole's on Saturday. - the Post Star

"Joe Mama drops bomb"

Listen Here Jan 07

Joe Mama Drops Bomb
One of the best regional recordings I’ve ever heard: Green Pepper Air Freshener, the brand new full-length by Glens Fall area’s seminal rockers, The Joe Mama Band, drops next month.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Phil Camp, drummer Jeff Britton, bassist Marty Montana, and keyboardist Mark Orlosky have really outdone themselves. There are nods to blues, funk, rock, ska, and soul throughout this 17-song sophomore salvo. The record contains songs that would fill stadiums ala ELP and Pink Floyd (“Paper Club”), instrumentals to silence savage beasts in the vein of Hot Tuna (“Jackie”), and jammers to rock your face off like the Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Human” and “You Were the Love”)...need a little something patriotic? Try JMB’s “America” on for size. How about an indie rock cruiser in the class of the Wallflowers? Put the CD in, and find “Lock the Door.”

A particularly original sounding record from a band known as one of the best on the regional cover circuit. So I had to ask: why are you guys writing and releasing original albums?

“I'd love to see the day when JMB plays only original music. When we play our own tunes, it almost seems like were putting on an old pair of comfortable shoes. It just feels right,” said Camp. “While we are deep in the cover circuit, I hope once the new disk is out, even more folks will want to see us live.”

To say JMB is tight is an understatement, and to use the word “chops” would be redundant. The talent and cohesiveness of this quartet shows on Green Pepper Air Freshener, an album that will in my CD player for years to come. It’s an incredible sophomore album released by a band in its prime.

“Phil is a great songwriter and Jeff did a fantastic job on the mixes. I don't think there's a better bass player around. I just love that Funk/Stevie Wonder pocket that Jeff and Marty play in,” said Orlosky.

But don’t trust this review. JMB gives you plenty of chances to catch them for yourself in January, and a CD release party is being planned as I type this. A quick list of upcoming JMB dates: Jan 12 George Henry’s, Warrensburg, Jan 19. Full Moon, Lake George, Jan. 20 O’Toole’s Queensbury.

Visit for more information about the new CD and release party.
- Spice magizine


Joe Mama debut CD 2001 and
The bluesy "Speed Train" has been featured along with "Blessed" and "No man is a stone" on the local radio station 100.3 "the point" "No man is a stone" also recieved airplay on Manchester Vermonts WEQX exposure program. New music from the upcoming CD titled
"Green pepper air freshner" 3/07 has already been featured on "100.3 the point" and "EQXposure" programs, and Hits 95.5. New tunes "Lock the door" "Gravity of the situation" and "Grandmas song" have made playlist rotations.
Update, "Ride the Sky" has been in the rotation at WEQX Manchester Vt.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Joe Mama Band was formed in 1998 as a power trio. Touring around the upstate New York area, they quickly built up a faithfull following that is still growing to this day. Their debut self tiltled CD released in 2001 sold out and is still sought today at e-music sites.
It's hard to describe the music on the upcoming CD. With seventeen songs all bases are covered. Rockin' dance tunes, moving ballads, funky grooves, acoustic rock and smoking insturmentals, You like it, we got it. What makes The Joe Mama band different, is the caliber of players. Solid melodies from Marty Montena on Bass, Jeff Britton handles the drumming end with ease and precision. Keyboards are done under the expert eye of Mark Orlosky and Guitar work by Phil Camp.
Joe Mama has become a party favorite in the Upstate NY area. More music on