The Joe Mama Band

The Joe Mama Band

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Rock and Roll with a funky acoustic twist thrown in for fun. The Joe Mama band has the sounds to move you. Funky rock to acoustic ditties to bluesy moods, we got it.


The Joe Mama Band was formed in 1998 as a power trio. Touring around the upstate New York area, they quickly built up a faithfull following that is still growing to this day. Their debut self tiltled CD released in 2001 sold out and is still sought today at e-music sites.
It's hard to describe the music on the upcoming CD. With seventeen songs all bases are covered. Rockin' dance tunes, moving ballads, funky grooves, acoustic rock and smoking insturmentals, You like it, we got it. What makes The Joe Mama band different, is the caliber of players. Solid melodies from Marty Montena on Bass, Jeff Britton handles the drumming end with ease and precision. Keyboards are done under the expert eye of Mark Orlosky and Guitar work by Phil Camp.
Joe Mama has become a party favorite in the Upstate NY area. More music on


Can man

Written By: Philip Camp

Knew a guy, From long ago
Would not come out from behind locked doors
Stayed away, I'll have you know
Here's the story, from what I've been told

Did'nt want to go to work in the morning
Did'nt want to go to school
Wouldnt hear a single word that I told him
He wouldnt listen now he's acting like a fool

Would not go out, and get an education
Wouldnt go to work
wouldnt try to be a better person
acted like a jerk..


Now he's alone, he dosent really care
looks for bottles every day
shopping cart and he dont cut his hair
but if you ask him, he says he's okay

Didnt want ot go to work in the morning
Didnt want to go to school
wouldnt hear a single word that I told him
he wouldnt listen now I'm acting like a fool

Ride the sky

Written By: Philip Camp

People riding high
people ride the sky

when the weathers right
strap your boots on tight
we're one with the road
not a heavy load
gonna go for a ride
find a place to hide
find my peice of mind
happens all the time

people riding high
people ride the sky

got my girl on my bike
everythings alright
cruisin at full speed
never had no need
feel light as a feather
got on your leather
when the rides all done
gonna have some fun

people riding high
people ride the sky

Lady beautiful lady

Written By: Philip Camp

Where did all the time go?
Staring out the window
I can hear you callin me
not so long ago

things you used to do for me
and times when you would let me be
I need to hear your voice, see those eyes staring back at me

Lady beautiful lady
Lady beautiful lady
How I miss you so
beautiful lady

cookies made fresh everyday
dinner on the holidays
sweaters and mittens
for the kids

I'd listen to all you wisdom
you'd worry about what I'd become
I hope I did you right
I hope I made you proud

Lady beautiful lady
Lady beautiful lady
How we miss you so
Beautiful lady


Joe Mama debut CD 2001 and
The bluesy "Speed Train" has been featured along with "Blessed" and "No man is a stone" on the local radio station 100.3 "the point" "No man is a stone" also recieved airplay on Manchester Vermonts WEQX exposure program. New music from the upcoming CD titled
"Green pepper air freshner" 3/07 has already been featured on "100.3 the point" and "EQXposure" programs, and Hits 95.5. New tunes "Lock the door" "Gravity of the situation" and "Grandmas song" have made playlist rotations.
Update, "Ride the Sky" has been in the rotation at WEQX Manchester Vt.

Set List

The Joe Mama band typically plays three one hour sets. Currently mixed with a 50/50 mix of covers and origionals. Our covers are mostly classic rock covering Steely Dan, Supertramp, Zepplin etc...