The Joe Vegas Band

The Joe Vegas Band


Good time rockin' blues is a good description of the Joe Vegas band sound. With influences ranging from country to r&b to bluegrass, the Joe Vegas Band covers a wide variety of musical styles. "We like anything that rocks" says Joe.


One of the most versatile entertainers on the live music scene today is Joe Vegas. Born in Colorado from the Pueblo Nation, Joe has developed a unique ability to interpret many styles of music. From bluegrass to blues, hip-hop to pop, Joe can do it all with authority and authenticity. This unique talent and his ability to connect with all age groups is why Joe can entertain any audience.
The list of stars Joe has performed with is impressive.
Earl Scruggs, Vince Gill, Guy Clark, Byron Berline and The Dillards are just a few of Joe's credits.
Since deciding to step up into the spotlight Joe has been thrilling audiences all over the world.
"I'm lucky to have some of my very best friends in the band.They just happen to be some of California's finest musicians" says Joe. " We have a way of electrifying our audiences with the absolute joy we are having onstage"."With us it's not about who's the star but about what we can say as fellow artists". "Most of the time we say let's rock !"
Mr. Rhys Clark has been the drummer for Billy Joel,Freddy Fender and Hoyt Axton. A long time L.A. heavyweight player Rhys is the driving force behind the bands' high energy show.
Dave James on keyboards is a whole show unto himself. His high energy approach to solos and rhythym are something that audiences love.
Art Holland has been the guitar player of choice for many L.A. bands . His intensity and amazing pyrotechnics on his instrument are truly a crowd pleaser.


Our c.d. entitled, "I Came Here to Play" is available on our website. You can view our videos as well.
Check out the "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" tribute to Freddy Fender on our website.