The John Douglas Company

The John Douglas Company


We've dubbed our music "mountain grunge". In a set a person can hear southern rock to grunge, jazz, and metal influences. As a trio we have a clarity of instrumentation yet we provide a large volume of powerful sound. We like to know that our audience is feeling the sound as well as hearing it.


The John Douglas Company came into being in August of 2007. They immediately began collaborating on new music. They have defined their style with a heavy sound that has been dubbed "Mountain Grunge," which retains eclectic roots from Jazz and Classical to Metal and Folk.

The John Douglas Company started strong in Asheville's music scene with a studio in the River Arts District which they opened up as a musician's cooperative and an underground performance venue. The "Monastery" defined their audience and place in the local scene as well as supported other local bands.

In the last year they've played several downtown venues including Hookah Joe's, Fred's Speakeasy, Joli Rouge, The Boiler Room, Emerald Lounge, Club Eleven and the Rocket Club.

To anyone who's seen them perform, it's obvious that Skeeter, Matt and Tom take music seriously and have a hell of a good time doing it.


We are recording our full length, ten song album, "Good To See You" at Echo Mountain. And it will be ready in march.

Set List

Feels right, Kill this high, Ode to Knophler, Leeroy's revenge, A call to arms, Arlington, Good to see you, Another fit, Yet to earn, Breathe, Cheers, It, Molly the muse, Beautiful women, Saunter, Admire, Epitaph, P.T.S.D., Classical Beeotch, Jazz Jam. We have a few covers like Yellow Ledbetter(pearl Jam), Some Black Crows and Greatful Dead. But they are not part of our average set per say.
45min - 1 hr or 2 sets an hour a piece