The John Howard Band

The John Howard Band

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Our band consists of acoustic guitar,harmonica,electric guitar, mandolin and drums. Three strong vocalists with harmonies. Our music runs the gamut from original Americana to popular Top 40 songs from the 60's,70's and 80's. We are all seasoned perfomers with an ability to interact with the audienc


We have been playing in the Sarasota area for over 10 years and have recorded three albums, one
of which, "A Touch of Blue" are all original songs that has received rave reviews. John's influences are Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Bob Dylan, John Mellenkamp, John Denver, Neil Young and Willie Nelson. The John Howard Band has the unique ability to energize a crowd and maintain high level entertaintment.


A Touch of Blue

Written By: John Howard

Nighttime shadows fall across your silky hair
Moonbeams dancin' on your skin
Your vice is soft as raindrops fallin' through the air
You take me where I've never been
I drink your beauty like a cup of good red wine
I feel your breath against my face
I see the magic in your smile time after time
I taste your lips I see your grace
It's not my style to chase the things I don't need.
I don't seek fortune and I'am not consumed with greed.
I taste each moment and I try hard not to bleed.
But at the heart of every bright red flame there's
Always a touch of blue--
When I think of losin' you.
I know each breath we take might easily be our last
The time we have is just on loan.
But when you're in my arms the moments go so fast
And for a while it feels like home

The Promised Land

Written By: John Howard

He was just 18 in the Spring of the year
His whole life ahead his future seemed clear
He had a girl that he liked a pocket full of luck
Makin payments on a 7 year old pick up truck.
He had life by the tail he was walkin on air
Never gave much thought to the fightin over there
It was worlds away and he didn't understand
When they asked him to leave his promised land.
Uncle Sam said "Son, It's time to be a man.
Pick up that gotta make a stand"
But he couldn't help thinking as he went off to war: Just what the hell am I fightin for?
Oh Lord, get me away from this place
The bullets are flyin' I got blood on my face
Oh Lord, how'd I end up here
Face down in the sand my bell full of fear.
Oh Lord, who put this gun in my hand
It don't feel much like the promised land.
From his hospital bed he was safe from harm
But missin' a leg and missin' an arm
He thinks about the future he's got a lot of new friends in a room full of
beds filled with shot up young men.
He thinks about the girl wants to
call her somehow
But can't help thinkin' why would she want me now?
He ain't seen no glory he ain't heard no band.
And it don't feel much like the promised land.
He was just 19 inthe Spring of this year
His whole life ahead his belly full of fear.
An angry young man confined to a chair
Never gave much to the fightin' over there.


Written By: John Howard

I am the valleys I am the wind in the trees
I am the ocean I left my scent on the breeze
I am the snow in December I am the leaves in the Fall
I am the Summer remembered I am the Spring of it all
I am the eagle I am the cry that it sings
I am the lion And I am the smallest of things
I am the sadness within you I am the pain that you feel
I am your sorrow tomorrow I am what makes it so real
I am your laughter I am the joy that you see
I am your beauty I am the air that you breathe
And I am the life that you're living I am the time that you have
I am the reason for being I am the light for your path

Take Me Home

Written By: John Howard

He was born the son of a hard workin' woman in the summer of '83
She made her livin' cleanin' other people's houses Daddy left when he was three She tried to give him everything that he needed but the work was long and mean
Some say that she just quit tryin' but me I think she ran out of steam
He was passed around to an uncle then a cousin and he grew up wild and free Took what he wanted wanted what he took became a junkie at 17 and he cried " Mama, Mama help me please I can't make it on my own Mama, I'm beggin' on my knees Come and get me Take me home." He fell in with the wrong kind of people and they led him to a life of crime He was runnin'the drugs the drugs were runnin' him it was only a matter of time Night in the city is a bad place to be if you're dealin' till the day is done If the law don't get you the competion will somebody's bound to pull a gun He slumps down to the pavement as the sound of a pistol cuts a hole in the cold dark air
Nobody comes to help him as he lie there dyin' nobody seems to really care
And I heard him cry "Mama, Mama help me please I can't make it on my own Mam, I'm beggin' on my knees Come and get me Take me home" He was born the son of a hard workin' woman in the summer of '83 She made her livin' cleanin' other people's houses Daddy left when he was three Some say he was wrong from the start never gave him a second glance Some say that he just quit tryin' But me I think he never had a chance I still hear him cry "Mama, Mama help me please I can't make it on my own Mama, I'm beggin on my knees Come and get me take me home

Some Day Soon

Written By: John Howard

It's time to say so long again. It's better if we just stay friends
Can't tell you what you mean to me Just know it wasn't meant to be
We talked a lot but who's to say If we'll put it all to use some day I know I learned a thing or two Some about me Some about you
CHORUS: But someday soo we'll get it right Someday soon we'llsee the light Will we still be friends? Someday Soon
The words sometimes got in the way. We never took the time to play We tried too hard to to be the best We wanted more and settled for less Seasons change and so do we dust gathers on our memories time takes care of hurtful things replaced by all the smiles it brings. It's the little things I'll miss the most The way you burned the mornin' toast The faded old jeans you'd sometimes wear the flowers in your long brown hair Who's to say it's really gone it's only meant to lst so long The moments that we thought were there have left and vanished in the air.


"Cover to Cover," Late Bloomer." and a "Touch of Blue." We receive radio play from WSLR and have performed at their "Unplugged" event in Sarasota.
We will be perfoming at Contemfest 09 for the Players Theater.

Set List

We have typical set list as we will customize our set lists for our clients. We are very flexible and have a large repetoire of music from the 60's, 70's and 80's.