The Johnny Boots Band

The Johnny Boots Band

 Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Connecticut Blues Society - Blues Challenge finalists, The Johnny Boots Band is one of the most talented blues infused bands. With a vintage blues/rock sound, they perform original music, classic songs from the 3 Kings, Howlin' Wolf and Guitar Slim to Jimi Hendrix and beyond.


The band features guitar slinger/singer Johnny Boots (Giannicchi). Johnny has played with internationally recognized blues greats like Buddy Guy, Tab Benoit, Johnny "Clyde" and daughter Shemekia Copeland, Shirley King (Yes, BB's daughter) as well as local CT artists like, Jeff Pitchell, Chris Cross, Greg Piccolo and George Baker among others.
While influenced by so many of the blues greats of yesterday, Johnny adds his soul, feeling and imagination to create his unique sound today.
Thom “Gilly” Gilbert on drums, Pete Bennett on bass and Tim "T-Bone" Stone on keyboards add up to a rock solid rhythm section, eager to explore the boundaries of where the groove can take you.

What are people saying about Johnny Boots and The Johnny Boots Band?

Here's a guitar player/vocalist, who can write his own songs and play with the fire of a Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan, a real deal "Italian Stallion," when it comes to riding the blue note into the stratosphere to entertain the heavens and the rest of us music fans here on Mother Earth!!
Bill Nolan - host of "Antique Blues"
WPKN-FM 89.5 Bridgeport, Connecticut

"Johnny Boots Band, 'Everybody's Got to Eat' (Boot in Yur Ear) - Fairfield guitarist Johnny 'Boots' Giannicchi burns up the fretboard on a set of blues-rock originals, a funkified version of Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" and a rock-solid cover of 'Crosscut Saw' (recorded by Albert King, among others). Giannicchi plays with a thick, dirty guitar tone sure to thrill electric blues fans, and sings in a voice that fits with the blues without ever sounding forced. He swings, he shuffles and he rocks, making 'Eat' tasty indeed.
Eric R. Danton - The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT

"I have fallen in love with this CD...I think this CD is loaded with hits"
Beef Stew, Sunday Night Blues w/Beef Stew WCCC 106.9 Hartford -

"I was knocked out by your new cd and sent it to Living Blues as one of my top 25 for July."
Mick Martin - Mick Martin's Blues Party - WXJZ 90.9 Sacramento

"How about this band? Put your hands together for the guitar player (Johnny)!"
Buddy Guy, Silvertone Recording Artist

"Nice job out there man you sounded great"
Tab Benoit, Telarc Recording Artist, two time Blues Music Award winner and Grammy nominee

"He (Johnny) sounds really good"
G.E. Smith, Guitarist, former Saturday Night Live bandleader

"You sound real good man"
The late Johnny "Clyde" Copeland
Verve Recording Artist

"Johnny you sound great!"
Murali Coryell
Czyz Recording Artist

"That is a really good song" ("Little Lady")
Jorma Kaukonen of The Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna
Columbia Recording Artist

"Johnny can really play!"
Shemekia Copeland,
Alligator Recording Artist


I Told You So!

Written By: John Giannicchi

You know that hindsight is 20/20.
A blind man can see that.
And if you want to see your future,
You need a crystal ball.
But when you shake yours up baby,
You can’t see yourself through the storm.

The snow drifts change their patterns,
as the winds of time blow by.
One never knows what may happen,
as you’re walking out the door.
Living and loving one day,
the next you’re laying dead on the floor.

You tell me that you love me.
You tell me that you care.
But when I need you near,
You’re never here.
Then when you are you say, “I told you so!”

You’re still looking for a pot of gold
at the rainbow’s end.
But life is not in black and white baby.
Not always what it seems.
It doesn’t matter how you get there.
Life’s a journey towards hopes and dreams.


Hold On

Written By: John Giannicchi

Alarm clock rings at 6AM,
Start your day, prepare for them.
Work all day, the night time too.
Tell me is this the life for you?

You can’t run and you can’t hide
It’s only you that can decide,
what you do and what you say,
breathing life into another day.

But I feel like I’m sinking down, down, down.
Each breath I take feels like I’m gonna’ drown.
And the world keeps spinning round and around.
Each step I take, feels like I’m losing ground.
Hold on
To what you’ve got.

Choose your path and make it clear.
Make it yours, don’t live in fear.
Be yourself and don’t give in.
Use your gift and let your life begin

Well its all for one and one for all
Trust in God, breakdown the wall
Someday you will understand.
Find yourself in the Promised Land


Not Guilty

Written By: John Giannicchi

I work hard every day working overtime late
Bring you home my money girl accuse me of going on a date

You know when I’m not guilty
No I’m not guilty
I’m not guilty of doing nothin’ but fallin’ in love with you

I give you all my money baby you take it with a smile
Since we’ve been together girl it’s like I’m on trial


You tried to accuse me baby of doing you wrong
That’s why I take the time just to sing my song


You tried to accuse me baby of doing you wrong
That’s why I take the time just to sing my song


You told me that you loved me everything would be fine
Since we married baby it’s like I’m doing time



"Everybody's got to eat" LP - April 2007 release

Set List

Sets run from 45-90 minutes depending on venue.
covers include:

Scuttle butt’n
Shake your money maker
Squeeze me baby
Texas Flood
Voodoo Chile
You threw your love on me too strong
Pride and Joy
Mary had a little lamb
Matchbox Blues
I Tried
Little wing
Letter to my girlfriend
Let me Love you baby
I’d rather see you sleeping in the ground
Hug you squeeze you
Hey Joe
Crosscut Saw
Commit a crime
Born Under a bad sign
Ain’t Nobody’s business
Good man
Sky is crying
Going down
Foxey Lady
Spanish Castle magic
Manic Depression

I told you so
Hold on
Not Guilty
Save Me
Still in love w/you
Little Lady
Anything for you
Oh Darlin' Pt. II
Song for Johnny "Clyde"
All or Nothing
Strings attached