The Johnny Parry Trio

The Johnny Parry Trio

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As Johnny growls and whispers over his piano, Ben Milway plays his drums like a one-man orchestral percussion section and Dave Lynch manages to make his fretless bass twist between burlesque jazz to the effect of melodic cello.


In 2002 Johnny travelled to Canada to have his music coupled with dance. After arriving in toronto the plans fell through and Johnny decided to make his first solo record, 'Break your Little Heart'. Johnny spent a month wandering the streets listening to buskers and visiting open mic nights to recruit a selection of Toronto's finest underground musicians. Johnny's producer Ru Cook flew out to capture the sessions in St Pauls Trinity Church.

With the album finished Johnny returned to the UK and got in touch with old musical friends Ben Milway (drums) and Dave Lynch (bass) to re-interpret the songs for a live show. The Johnny Parry Trio was born. Artist Andy Holden also joined the project to build individual short films to go along side each track.

"...fiercely personal and deeply eccentric...Parry's openness and sincerity leave me grasping for metaphors and straining to explain this album's power...truly novel, personal and powerful"
Splendid, 2003


In 2005 the second album started to be conceived. 'Songs without a Purpose'. Break your Little Heart was a patchwork of musical moments pieced together over a bed of electronica. Songs without a Purpose however explores a different side to Johnny's craft. Hundreds of pages of scrutinized manuscript were brought to the studio, arranged for the trio and a small chamber orchestra. In 2007 Songs without a Purpose was released.

"These songs are simply better written - better composed - than almost anything out there."
Scene Point Blank, 2007

"A piano led thing of beauty"
Timeout, 2007

"Beautifully orchestrated"
Plan B, 2007

“Songs Without A Purpose is one of the most beautiful records ever made. ...his music brims with such beauty, elegance and bountifulness that it is impossible not to look at him as a poetic and musical genius. Yes, he is that good.”
Daily Vault, 2007


Now as 2007 comes to a close the trio have embarked on part one of three EP's, The Little Prayers. The project started in the summer with the trio building there own personalized studio in the countryside that specifically lended itself to the project. The first unveiling of the songs will be at the Luminiare, (Kilburn, London) 28th January 2008.


Little Prayers 1-8 EP - To be released 28th January 2008

Songs without a Purpose - 2007

Break Your Little Heart - 2005

Set List


If I was a Killer
Hotel Floor
Lucy's Little Brother
You Who Braved The Storm
Siegfried and Eileen
Sweet Nothings
Mr Tozer The Clown
The Getaway Hurse
Little Prayer No.5
Little Prayer No.6
A love Song

Brave and Good
Buried in Leaves
Little Ghost
Marnies Song
Attached to a Ghost
Our Fathers Carousel
Little Prayer No.1
Break Your Little Heart