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The Johnnys are a hard-rock hotrod careening between tongue-in-cheek anthems & street-punk mayhem. Their live show highlights include Yonge & Dundas Square, Hard Rock Cafe & Winnipeg’s MTS Centre. Albums ROCK, Louder Faster More Fun & I Like It A Lot all earned multiple nominations (Best Rock CD/Best Group) at the Indigenous Music Awards & charted #2 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown. They’ve been featured on film & TV, including "The Best of Arbor Live!"


The Johnnys are an Ontario-based rock’n’roll band founded in 2003 by spouses Veronica Johnny (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Dave Johnny (drums). The duo’s early recordings are more punk influenced, characterized by fun, up-tempo songs while later releases have a classic, hard rock feel.

The Johnnys’ three independently released, full-length albums were all nominated for national music awards, with the songs Time to Shine and Have a Good Time, All the Time both reaching #2 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown radio charts.

Veronica’s Cree heritage is reflected in some of the band’s lyric content, with indigenous influences on topics such as the environment, social justice and political change.

The Johnnys appear live as a full band, delivering rowdy, high-energy, humour- filled performances. They’ve played across Canada, been featured on TV and film and shared stages with such luminaries as Geordie Johnson (Big Sugar), Bif Naked, Stevie Salas, Bruce Cockburn, Keith Secola & Crystal Shawanda.

The Johnnys are presently recording their next album, due for release in 2019. 

In March 2016, the band releases a new video for their single, “Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin” (I Love Your Heat) at Toronto’s Hard Rock Café. The song appeared on a 2015 all-Cree compilation alongside a track by A Tribe Called Red.

Their third album, ROCK, earned nominations for Best Rock CD & Best Group or Duo at the 2013 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards (APCMAs). The Johnnys performed on the live televised awards at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, complete with larger-than-life, on-stage pyrotechnics.

Louder Faster More Fun (2010) was released at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto and nominated for Best Rock CD at the 2011 APCMAs, and for Best Duo or Group at the 2010 Awards. I Like It A Lot (2007) was a three-time nominee at the 2008 APCMAs. Dave Johnny (Producer) and Veronica Johnny (Engineer/Co-Producer) were nominated for Best Producer/Engineer at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards (CAMAs) that same year.

Performance highlights included showcases at the ROM, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario Place and rocking an ice castle at Yellowknife’s Snowking 20th Anniversary.

The Johnnys also facilitate music and inspirational workshops for schools, festivals, organizations and individuals, with particular emphasis on music, writing and inspiring creativity and passion for art in youth.



Written By: Veronica Johnny,Dave Johnny,Tim Stokes-Rees

ROCK – The Johnnys
© Dave Johnny, Veronica Johnny, Tim Stokes-Rees 2013

For a hundred million years
Lava flowing like her tears
Hidden rivers in her eyes
Stones rumble mountains rise ROCK
Her bones cradle everything Earthquake voltage when she sings ROCK
She play a 12-tonne dirt guitar Avalanche crowd for the superstars
Spirit song, granite sound - Put your ear down on the ground Spirit song, granite sound - Put your ear down on the
For a hundred million more
Molten power at her core
Diamond pickups, electric gold... Big boulders, rock and roll!
Spirit song, granite sound - Put your ear down on the ground Spirit song, granite sound - Put your ear down on the
ROCK – -- ROCK – -- Big boulders, rock and roll!
ROCK! - Spirit song ROCK! - Granite sound | ROCK! – Put your ear down on the ground | X 4

Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin

Written By: Dave Johnny,Veronica Johnny

Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin
© Dave Johnny, Veronica Johnny 2014

Nikawacin ohci kayas
Nikawacin, maka ekwa
Nisakihtan kiya kisoskatowin
Nisakihtan kiya kisoskatowin
Namoya miyosin ka nakatohk
miyosin ka nakatohk, maka ekwa
Saskah iskotew astam
pekisoskawin, nitayan
kocawakanis kitayawaw mitos
metoni meweyihtam kawapamiht
meweyihtam kawapamiht, ekwa maka
*CHORUS, ayah, ayah, *CHORUS



(2013) ROCK (independent)

(2010) Louder Faster More Fun (independent) 

(2007) I Like It A Lot (independent)


(2016) Your Girl (independent)

(2015) Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin (independent)


(2015) Nehiyaw Nikamonak: Oyoyowin ohci Nanaskomowin (Howls of Gratitude) (2013) Idle No More: Songs for Life Vol. 1 (RPM FM)

(2010) Sled Island Festival Online Compilation CD

(2007) Warrior Songs (Spirit Magazine)


(2008 & 2013) Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards (2011) Best of Arbor Live!

(2010) APTN’s Rez Tunes

(2009) Larger Than Life (Cineplex distributed feature-length film) (2009) Arbor Live!

(2008) CTV’s First Story

(2007) APTN’s Entertainment Beat

All tracks are streaming and have Canada/US radio airplay.

Set List

Original songs by The JOHNNYS:

Nisakihtan Kiya Kisoskatowin (Cree)
Motorcycle Mama
I'm Electric
I'm Lovin' Your Heat
Have a Good Time, All the Time
Time to Shine
Wrong Damn Side of the Law
I Like it A Lot
Music Lover Man
Piece of Your Action
Rockin' with the Dead
I'm Hot
Blood Money
Who's Your Mama
1000 Eyes
C'mon Baby Move
Dona Juana