The Johnston Brothers

The Johnston Brothers


Old school, new school, elementary school and some high school awesomness. Duh! Yeah... Its not the brown note, its the wet note - because thats what happens. Yeah....


One night Christian and Joe were jamming in their dorm room (222). This heavenly music carried down to Adam's ear (213), and he grabbed his guitar and began to play. From that point they have done countless open mics on campus as well as lots of shows around Toronto and Guelph.
Currently the band is writing/recording some new songs for the listening pleasure or the audience as well as rocking new shows all the time.
Our sound has been described as having a similar effect to the brown noise except instead of poop it will make you wet instantaneously, yes we are that good. Trust me. Experience this first hand by listening to our songs posted here!

We wish to give our sincere thanks to Erika Schmidt and River 16 Studios who diligently recorded and produced the songs on our upcoming EP.

Stay tuned for more badass updates from the JBros.


"Say When" - 2011

Set List

Set list

1. With you
2. Caught time
3. No hand
4. use to be
5. tonight
6. Im yours - ukulele
7. Magic - Ukulele
8. Whistle for the choir
9. landslide
10. Green Eyes
11. Scientist
12. Free Fallin
13. Brown Eyed girl
14. She so high
15. wonderwall

*15 minute Break*

16. as long as you love me
17. apologize
18. My girl
19. Sweet Caroline
20. 8 days a week
21. I wanna hold your hand
22. Little help from my friends
23. poker face
24. I kissed a girl
25. Umbrella
26. Hot n' Cold
27. Drive
28. Adam loves (cock or socks)
29. Big Me* - Harmonies
30. break your heart

*15 minute break*

31. BnL medley
32. Don't walk away Eileen
33. What i got
34. stand by me
35. interstate love song
36. everlong
37. Sniper Hollowpoint Hyperbole
38. No woman no cry
39. Candy
40. Hey Yeah - ukulele
41. Have you ever seen rain
42. Santari
43. The Nobodies
44. Sunshine
45. Here comes the sun

46. challengers