The John Wilde Group

The John Wilde Group


aggresive blues rock best of british from '69-79 with a love-fun-ass kicking element favoured by people who love to live.


The John Wilde Group originated in the UK (Cardiff-Wales) in 2000, playing England and Europe until asked to play in the USA (at 8 miles St. Andrews in Detroit no less) where we performed for a charity gig for the war victims. Steve Cropper's AD&G agency asked us to relocate to nashville where we played locally and regionally, building a southern following from Nashville to Florida, to Louisianna (where we were asked to perform at the Katrina Benefit along with The Dirty Dozen in Jackson Mississippi) to Austin Texas and San Diego... we were invited to play The Epiphany Stage in Austin Texas during the SxSW and recieved "best band" award. we were signed by a small, badly run label in NY which didnt last..then moved to San Diego California where we signed with California Creative. John returned to London to play a new set and record a new album. The band met when Hadley Ray and john had the same tour the USA, play the festival and bike festivals and record.


Waste of a Wasted Life - 2000
The Pearl Sessions- 2003
Eating Out - 2004
Tales from the Dark Country -2006--------
We have had considerable air play in the UK and the USA.. done 'live" concerts on Radio and web stations.

Set List

A typical set list?

One World
I promised you love
The Penny Drops
Let the shit come down
The Stream
Lady on a mission
The Queen of Tarot
Dont believe in Love
Anything but Love

Waste of a wasted Life
And when she comes...
Wishing every day was sunday
Seven shades of blue
The Bad signs and unlucky charms
We got the groove
Ember Nights