The John Wilde Group

The John Wilde Group


The John Wilde Group is a British Blues/Rock with an Alt/Country twist with roots from Wales to Nashville.


The John Wilde Group, originally from Cardiff in South Wales' notorious Tiger Bay and centred around guitarist/singer and writer John Wilde became infamous around the Cardiff and London areas when championed by the likes of Joe Strummer (The Clash, Mescalero's) and Paul Weller, as well as new comers to the brit metal establishment SIKTH, attributing John to the accolade.. "If Neil Young was brought up in punk..." which somehow goes to describe the delicate and acerbic lyrics accompanying the psychedelic and punch heavy rock sensibility made his own. "Brit rock/indie at it's finest.."
"Cooler than ****"
"they play it like they mean it..because they do."

The John Wilde Group came to the USA with City Canyons Records in 2003 where the band gained a big college fan base in the Detroit area after appearing on the local T.V student shows and recording "Don't Believe in Love" on video with the arts department of the Plymouth Campus. After record company feuds which saw the first album "Pearl Sessions" shelved while both legal departments took all the proceeds, the band toured non-stop around the Midwest and south. Playing to 1500 people or 150, regardless, the band amassed a following in all the regions due to their commitment and their unequivocal sound.

Steve Cropper saw the band at Nashville's "The Trap" and invited the band to tour and record with his AD&G company based on Music Row. JWG toured extensively throughout the USA, playing Sun Fest, The Epiphany Stage at SxSW in Austin, Texas as well as many local and regional areas along the southern trail. After a brief sojourn to the UK to play some London dates and see family, the band signed with California Creative in San Diego while rebuilding the sound which now included , Industry Powerhouse Drummer Philip Tremblay (To many to list) ,,,,Jay "Jayger" Wheeler on bass, Danny White (Gin Blossoms) and Kate Russo on violin, keyboards and Hammond (The Elliots, Big Brother and the Holding Company). The result was the latest and finest CD "Pineapple Melloncholia" recorded at 16 Ton Studio's in Nashville and produced by Mike Esser and exec Producer Robert Reynolds (Mavericks.)

"We've finalized the sound I'd been looking for. A sort of Celtic infused indie rock with a punk country edge. I think!" Explains John while recovering from a broken ankle in Nebraska. "I grew up with the Celt fire and the grit of steel and coal, so it's natural. But we still have some melodies and pretty songs, that's part of it too. How else are you going to get back in after a week with the muse?"

The JWG have a lot to offer. A lot of passion and wit with a musical aggression and subtlety. Rare these days. Check them out. They are bound to be near somewhere where you are. Musically and territorially. You'll get infected. Like we did. I am sure.

Dave Williams-Edwards, Cardiff, UK. 2008


The Penny Drops

Written By: John Wilde

I got a hole in my pocket
I dropped the key
I bent down to pick it up
What did I see?

The penny drops
And the whole world stops
I'm losing you

Is there comfort in your madness?
Is there joy beside the pain?
I never thought I could let you go
Because I want to do it all again

And then the penny drops
The whole world stops
I'm losing you

I didn't know you'd be so
Just because it's time for goodbye

Now I get so lonely
I could cry

You made me love you
I still can't forget it
But this situation is beyond my control

You made me promise
I'd never regret it
But this situation was bound to explode

I'm just a little boy out on my own
Some sad actor left with out any roles

I'm a pretty boy that's growing old

The fool is sitting meditating at the big blue sky
When a bird with a feather flew down from a tree
Foretold the change in the weather
She sang a bittersweet warning to me

And then the penny drops
And the whole world stops
I'm losing you

I'm not asking for forgiveness
I don't have some sad excuse
If the time is right to let you go
Then the time I choose
Is when the penny drops
The whole world stops
I'm losing you

The Devil in Me

Written By: John Wilde

I just can't remember
How I got in your room
After I promised myself
I wouldn't do it again

She wears her hair like an Indian headdress
She talks like a spy
One of these days I'm gonna make you mine

Oh pretty baby I've got you in my sights
I've got a howling down below
But I don't feel right
There's a Devil in me
That sees an angel like you

Before I lose my mind
I've got to let you know
Before a falling angel like you
Meets the Devil in me

You've been so cold to me lately
When it's warm outside
Let's drink down some mercurial soup
And let's fly

She wears her hair like an Indian headdress
She talks like a child
One of these days I'm gonna make you mine

No Compromise

Written By: John Wilde

Ain't it funny how it seems
Everybody's dreams
Fade as they get older

It was a young man that said to me
If you'd compromise, you'd see
What everybody's seeing

But I remember playing noughts and crosses
A day at the beach, cheap old watches
Before the weight of the world
Had come down on me

You're standing on the stairs
Painfully aware
The party's almost over

So where do we go from here?
While everybody near you
Have paired up and wandered homeward

I remember playing noughts and crosses
The dubious claims and the liar's promise
And everything at school turned out to be real
Real fake

No compromise
That you should have to live with
No compromise
You've got so much more to give
No compromise
You've got so much more to live for

Life ain't that short
It's just slow

You feel worthless, tired, confused?
Corrupted and abused?
You just want it over

Twenty minutes on the telephone
To tell her all you know
Why you think she needs you

I remember playing noughts and crosses
Laughing at the straight guy tied to the office
Before the weight of the world had come down on me

Do you remember when we booed Darth Vader
Saturday morning was the Caped Crusader
Then the weight of the world came down on me


2003 - Waste of a Wasted Life
2004 - Pearl Sessions
2005 - Eating Out
2008 - Nashville Welsh

Set List

Originals - 2 hours:
Psycho Pomp
Penny Drops
Don't Believe in Love
The Stream
Wishing Everyday Was Sunday
Devil in Me
No Compromise
Queen of Tarot
Lady on a Mission
Waste of a Wasted Life
And When She Comes
Promised You Love
Ember Nights
Never Let the Fire Go Out
When the Fighting's Over
One World
Seven Shades of Blue
Find Me Some Sun

The Beatles - Daytripper
Deep Purple - Hush
Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady
The Stranglers - 5 Minutes
The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
Jeff Buckley - Lover You Should Have Come Over
The Pogues - If I Fell from Grace from God
Rory Gallagher - Bullfrog Blues
Johnny Cash/Small Faces - The Carpenter
Rod Stewart - Stay With Me