The Joint Chiefs

The Joint Chiefs


Acoustic trio ( guitar,bass, mandolin & "footbox" ) in The Subdudes vein ... acrobatic vocals, deep groove, and a killer selection of original and well known covers.


What makes a band sound unique..? A compelling and charismatic vocalist, for one, and so it follows that what makes the Joint Chiefs especially unique is that they have three. On both “it matches your juice”, their debut CD and the recently released “Half Fast”, the Chief's place this vocal firepower front and center and get out of the way. The results are both pleasing and promising, most notably because they keep the song squarely in the cross hairs.
By the time they joined forces in 1996, Eliot Osborn, Louise Lindenmeyr, and George Potts were already in command of their distinctly different musical personnas: Mr. Osborn, a grumbling singer/songwriter of the John Hiatt kind, Ms. Lindenmeyr , a backwoods Ricky Lee / Norah Jones, and Mr. Potts, a powerfully clear tenor with a Lyle Lovett-like affection for fat free arrangements. Without really thinking about being a band, the three began to sing and play as one in a living room, wrapping themselves around " songs that were so well written they could transcend the style in which they were originally conceived." Intrigued by what they heard, they billed themselves as the Joint Chiefs " because it created such a humorous uplink while placing us on equal footing " and headed out into the local watering holes. Over the next four years, the Chiefs expanded their domain, becoming somewhat of a regional phenomenon while marshaling an audience drawn to what Lindenmeyr terms " our tight harmonies and loose attitude ". The release of it matches your juice in the spring of 2000 resulted in radio airplay on several alternative stations around New England and better gigs, most notably, inclusion in New Haven's internationally recognized Arts and Ideas Festival and Winterhawk Bluegrass and Beyond 2000. With their long overdue follow up “Half Fast”, The Chiefs have taken aim at becoming increasingly more visible in listening rooms, festivals, and concert halls around New England, and the band is set to tour Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Russia in the summer of '06.
Nine years after their inception, The Joint Chiefs sound less like a song swap and more like a band with an ever shifting focal point. In concert, as well as on their recording, the music infuses an acoustic dynamic with a delivery that rocks. Over a smoldering instrumentation woven primarily with guitar, mandolin, bass and Osborn's footbox ( a plywood enclosure with a microphone inside that he plays with his feet ), the Chiefs unleash an acrobatic vocal awareness that soars above it. While in flight, the Chiefs take turn driving... swooping and diving across a songscape that dovetails their own writing with " chestnuts " from a diverse group of more well known artists that includes Louis Jordan, Joni Mitchell, and Bruce Springsteen to name a few.
" We're excited about our own writing ", Potts explains, " but more than performing for an audience, we want to to connect with them... and that requires stepping outside the gospel according to us now and then and referencing something more familiar to everyone in the room. Just don't be surprised ", he adds with a mischievous grin, " when your favorite R & B standard suddenly sounds like an Appalachian waltz. "
“it matches your juice” and “Half Fast” are available at, selections from them are available at a variety of online digital music stores ( itunes, etc... ), and the band's URL is


Come That Day

Written By: George Potts

Come that day
When he calls your name
Will there be thunder,
Lightning and rain
Will you rise up,
Or will you fall in shame
Come that day
When he calls your name

Come that day
When you reach that shore
Peter's gonna ask you
What you come here for
Did you help your brother
Or did you cause him pain
Come that day
When he calls your name

And on that day
His river you'll cross
He's gonna count your winnings
And then account the cost
Ashes to ashes
Memories to flame
Come that day
When he calls your name

There's gonna be thunder
Lightning and rain
Will you rise up
Or fall in shame
Come that day
When he calls your name

Come that day
When he calls your name
Come that day
When he calls your name

Wanna B your baby

Written By: Eliot Osborn

Wanna Be Your Baby
Words and Music by Eliot Osborn
copyright 2004 Y.M.I. Publishing?

What makes this worse... is so bad it hurts... I wanna be your lover
but what’s left of me... is all but gone
I’ll be more fun... if I just hold my tounge... cuz you’re not my mother
and I’d just b-b-b-babble on like everything is goin’wrong

I’m like a child... I mean it’s infantile but I need shelter from the storm
Just wanna curl up in your world where I’ll feel safe and warm

Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby
Your b-b-baby Your b-b-baby
Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby Your b-b-baby yeah yeah

What can I say... I mean the whole damn day... just been a disaster
and I need to crawl into your smile
or I’ll be the clown... If I can hear the sound... of your laughter
cuz I d-d-d-don’t know why.... but sometimes I just start to cry

Like a juvenile... runnin’ wild
well it sure won’t do no harm
If I could just lie... a while... wrapped up in your arms

Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby
Your b-b-baby Your b-b-baby
Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby Your b-b-baby yeah yeah

and when I get like this I just can’t help myself
and I don’t want to be with nobody else

What can I say... hey... I’m just fallin’ apart
I just want you here where I’ll be near
The beating of your heart

Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby
Your b-b-baby Your b-b-baby
Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby Your b-b-baby yeah yeah
No I don't want to be
your sister or your brother
and I don't want to be your significant other
Wanna be your baby Wanna be your baby
Your b-b-baby Your b-b-baby
yeah yeah yeah

Real Life

Written By: Louise Lindenmeyr & George Potts

music by George Potts, words by Louise Lindenmeyr

Surrender all your blues and your solitude
Give up that darker mood its not good for you
Come lie with me awhile where the grass is high
Let your body feel real life

The fireflies have spied our electricity
A nightingale replies to our sighs from a distant tree
Jupiter and Mars watch you in my arms
The moon and all the stars shine above

Just let go breezes blow
Turn my way they say
Lay you down, down, down, down on mossy ground
Feel the planets sway

Its too late to hesitate
Everything’s OK
Don’t analyze improvise
Let nature have its way

Breathe out and then breathe in this mystery
Let the night begin to make history
Tell me you’re deep in where you’ve never been
Tell me that you feel real life

Tell me that you feel, etc....


It Matches Your Juice - released 4/15/2000
Half Fast- released 5/15 2005
limted streaming at URL

Set List

Typical set list is about 50% original material and 50% covers. Sets vary in length according to venue, generally 45-50 minutes. Covers include:

John Hiatt - " Memphis in the Meantime "
The Subdudes - " Carved in Stone "
Joni Mitchell - " All I Want "
Unit 4 + 2 - " Concrete and Clay "
Tracy Chapman - " Baby, Can I Hold You "
Bruce Springsteen - " Atlantic City "
Bonnie Raitt - " Cool Clear Water "
Louis Jordan - " Coo Choo Ch'boogie "
The Beatles - " I'm Only Sleeping "
Emmylou Harris - " Leavin' Louisiana "
Simply Red - " If You Don't Know Me By Now "
Rickie Lee Jones - " Danny's All Star Joint "
Asleep at the Wheel - " I Wonder "
The Greatful Dead - " Brown Eyed Women "
Sheryll Crow - " Strong Enough "
Joan Osborne - " One of Us "
Dan Hicks - " I Don't Want Love "
Casey Chambers - " On a Bad Day "
Little Village - " Do You Want My Job "
The Farmerboys - " There Goes My Love "
Steve Earle - " I Still Carry You Around "
Bill Munroe - " Dig a Hole "
Buddy Mille