The Jolly Rogers

The Jolly Rogers


A sonic avalanche that goes from the jangly pop of the Velvet Underground to the surreal soundscape of early Pink Floyd with elements of 60s psychedelia wrapped in a 90s Grunge Band wall of sound.


The Jolly Rogers are an indie/alternative to straight up rock band started
by drummer Lucas Moomaw, guitarist Luke Craig, and bassist Andrew Capen in
the spring of 2005. A few months after this, they played in a variety show
where they met guitarist Ethan Hypes, and immediately began playing with
him. This band experiments with comedic rock songs as well as songs that
somewhat criticize current social America. The chief lyric writers in the
band are Moomaw and Craig, but the entire band usually contributes to each
When The Jolly Rogers had been performing at restaurants and small local
festivals for about a two year-and-a-half, they played in Watauga High School�s
Battle of the Bands, sponsored by Watauga youth Network�s, �Kidstock,�
festival. The band won and shortly thereafter recorded on The John Lennon
Educational Tour Bus ( This was a big break for
the band because it enabled them to record a CD, courtesy of Disk Makers.
In March of 2007 the band recorded their debut album, �Under The Sombrero,�
which thus far is the only album they have produced as a group. To learn
more about The Jolly Rogers or to listen to song samples, you can visit
them at their web page,, or you can visit them on
Myspace, .


The Narcissist Song

Written By: The Jolly Rogers

You spend all your time at the mirror
‘Cause you think you’re the most
Beautiful thing in the world
And you strut around like you’re a rooster
‘Cause you think you’re envy
Of all the boys and girls

But you’re just a
Narcissist--a narcissist
I really hate this, this narcissist

Nobody loves you but yourself
Even your own family
And your content working-out
When all you need to work on is some modesty

Cuz you’re a
And a little bitch
Who makes me itch
This narcissist

And it’s no joke
You should of thought
Before you spoke
That way

El Chupacabra

Written By: The Jolly Rogers

This is a story
A story of a man
A man called Pablo

An innocent goat herder
Living of the coast
of Costa Rica.

Tending his goats outside
He heard the sound of munching
A munching of mulberries.

He looked up to see.
What looked like
A giant hairless, chiwawah
With an overbite. (rest)

El Chupacabra! El Chupacabra!
You ate my goats, you killed my wife
You stole my life, You stole my life.

Now Pablo didn’t
Believe his mind,
So he ran inside to tell his loving wife, Juanita.

Ethan: “What you talking about
you crazy chalupa? Go wash up for supper! Damn..”
Luke: She said.

But then that night
the blood sucking demon
crept into their room
and stole Juanita away.


Pablo didn’t know what to do
All he had left were his goats and
he being a scholar of urban legends
Knew that El Chupacabras favorite meal
Was goat blood.
So he set a trap

As he lay awake in his bed
Listening for the cry of his enemy
He realized that he hadn’t heard
a goat bleat in a long time.

He looked out his window to find
Every one of his goats lying dead.


He ran outside weeping
There was nothing left for him
So he decided to get revenge.

Into the forest he stumbled
Not knowing where to go
But he swore he would
Kill El Chupacabra if it was
the last thing he ever did.

Suddenly he heard a yell
It was Juanita, his long-lost wife
He followed the sound until it stopped…
Juanita was no where to be found
but Pablo Could hear something breathing.
It was-


He turned around to see his horrible
Enemy charging at him
With is fangs outstretched
ready to stab his flesh.

Pablo fainted never
To wake up again
This is why, when dealing
With El Chupacabra
You never seek revenge.
El Chupacabra! El Chupacabra!


Under The Sombrero - 2007

Set List

Originals :
Recycled Lives
Patsy Ford Simms
Who Are You
The Narcissist Song
The Jam Song
El Chupacabra

Cover Songs:
The Ramones- Blitzkrieg Bop
Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
Tom Petty - You Wreck Me
Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer
R.E.M - Bad Day
Ben Kweller- Hospital Bed
The Beatles- Glass Onion
The Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Zephyr Song
Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - Me and Mia
Death Cab For Cutie- Crooked Teeth
Weezer - Say It Ain't So
Pink Floyd- Time
The Cars- Just what i needed