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"The Jonah Veil stirs up a new brew"

The Jonah Veil stirs up a new brew
By JILLIAN LOCKE, Sun Correspondent
Article Last Updated: 01/11/2007 11:30:37 AM EST

A common occurrence among bands in the same touring circuit is the inevitable member swap. Bands break up, pick up members from another broken-up band, and push forth with new incarnations. Such is the case for the five-piece band, The Jonah Veil, whose members come from Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. They'll be playing their familiar Sandown Town Hall haunt along with fellow show buddies The Banner, Bela Kiss, Shotdown Sun, and ONLYbloodWILLtell Saturday night. Rhythm guitarist Derek Normandin and lead guitarist Brian "Remy" Remillard played on the East Coast for two years in the New Hampshire metal band, All is Forgotten.
"After two years, the kids just weren't into it anymore" explains Normandin. The beginning of 2006 ushered in the birth of The Jonah Veil, with the help of vocalist Patrick Bosse, formerly of In Forever, drummer Keith Crowling, who moved back out to the East Coast from Texas to play with The Jonah Veil, and Jon Kay who is now playing bass full time in The Jonah Veil.

Continuing in the same metalcore direction, The Jonah Veil takes elements from some of the genre's more popular bands, like Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and Misery Signals. "We all have pretty different musical tastes, right now I'm pretty big into bands like Misery Signals, Bela Kiss, And Then There Were None and a couple others that have been playing around the local scene lately" says Normandin. Lead guitarist Remy digs a little farther back for his muses, calling upon the shredding forces of the late Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde, and classics like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani. "Remy is an incredible guitarist, we've been playing together for almost 3 years now and I think the fact that he can shred adds to our music pretty nicely" Normandin says. The Jonah Veil utilizes the common present-day metalcore style. "Our music is a tight mix of melody with some pretty mosh happy parts as well. We keep it pretty heavy but at the same time we also worry about writing good music not just 400 breakdowns in a 3 minute song," says Normandin.

"Bloodsucker" is definately heavily influenced from bands such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, a perfect prelude to the band's more recent, polished efforts. "'Bloodsucker' is the first song that we wrote as a band before we had any member changes" Normandin says
"Now They're Dead" showcases Bosse's affinity for New York's intensely off-the-wall metal outfit Every Time I Die. "Pat has an awesome image, He pretty much walks into a room and the word frontman radiates from his pores" Normandin says.
With a tentative release date of March, the members of The Jonah Veil plan to take their first album to Vital Studios in Salem, N.H., where they'll join forces with a few members of New Hampshire metalcore band And Then There Were None to record "The End Of A Burden"



Self Released 3 Song Demo - 2006
"The End Of A Burden" 7 Song E.P - Spring 2007



Forming from the remains of previous local metal and hardcore acts in early 2006. The Jonah Veil have come into The New England Music scene full forced and ready to expand to fans across the country. Bringing with them a "unique" blend of melody and brutality, they offer a different sound than most in this genre. Since forming less than a year ago The Jonah Veil have played numerous shows in and around the East Coast, bringing an intense and powerful live performance everytime they get on stage.

Coming into 2007, The Jonah Veil have signed to Jason Lech's 13 Star Record's and will be releasing their debut 7 song E.P titled "The End Of A Burden" in Spring of 2007. Keep checking back for more updates with the band and 13 Star Records!