The Jonathans

The Jonathans

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

simple, garage, feeling, long hair. like the look, like the sound, then we like it


It started from growing up sitting and watching our parents having jam sessions, but never knowing how to play instruments. When life becomes boring and it feels like everyone is just doing the same thing, it got frustrating and the only way to express those feelings was through music, and this is where the band got together and started learning the instruments to make the songs.

Our cousin Jonathan's passing was a pivotal point, and we knew at that point we had to name our band after him, because of his major influence on our lives and music. This is where it became serious, about not wasting time and getting a move on, doing the things that we love, which is playing music.

Our influences came from the music our parents played whilst growing up. Neil Young was one of the raw sounds we got attracted to.

The first goal we had was to play at the Espy in Melbourne, which seemed impossible at the time. But once we reached that goal, the next one was to play at festivals, and keep growing from there. People always say that we get ahead of ourselves and that we are too ambitious, but we have high hopes for the band, and being together with brothers and close friends keeps it a fun, enjoyable experience, and just see how far we can take it.

Set List

We do not do covers.
Our set usually goes for about 35 mins.

Our songs are:

Rusty Day
Blonde Hair
Old Man
Picking Friends
The Leaving Song
Loose Change
Cut a Hole Out