The Jonboy Experience

The Jonboy Experience


My music? It's tough for me to label my sound, but I will try. Acoustic, pop, and rock are a few that I could fit in. The songs I write vary so significantly sometimes that I feel that I fit in to several genres.


The Jonboy Experience relays the softer side of Jon Fleming. Coming out of his former band, The Levees, a hard rock group, he began recording his gentler side. Though, that is not all that his new project would relay, for he can never turn away from his hardcore side completely. His influences are Incubus mostly, then Nirvana, and a little bit of everything else. Today, the combination of these artists has brought you the versatile Jonboy.


If you want...

Written By: Jon Fleming

If I may relay my empathy
then you might see I'm hanging here dangling by a string
If your games are all you want to play then let me be, let me see something different please
Cuz I've been there and I am dying far away
I can't breath and I am hanging by a string
But you can't see what you can't get when you're far away

If you want to I can take you far away from everything
No scare will devour our never ending dreams
I implore your powers are starting to grow weak
I adored you, but now I hear desperate silence

If you changed, you'd still be the same
A memory could lead me back to you any day
It's ok, I've been waiting long anyways
It's been 5 years and 6 months and now I'm in delay
But all I see is anything that you want me to see
And now I go and leave alone any special deed
And it's ok, you violate me, but I'm so free and I see...


I noticed you were leaving me here to die and I'd like to say that is untrue
I wonder if you were going to leave me dry, I could never say but that isn't cool...


Eyes Believe Light

Written By: Jon Fleming

I dream a field of daydreams
Wandering somewhere far from home
You cannot violate me
Why can't you just leave me alone

Show me your face now
You never were opposed to throwing your hate down and dreaming in a zone
You wanted your space now, so hang tight
You're living so safe now...

I've seen you go so far indeed
Now my eyes are closed, recede...

If you want to stay stay then take flight
If you wanna take off for a fake life
Then you're in a hurry, you should think twice
Your vision's so blurry




Written By: Jon Fleming

I don't wanna remember anything
For one more look and I would scream
and I know that you'd like that
One more day to see me weak
I was taken down as I was bleak when I couldn't fight back
Well, I remember everything and I scream just one more lie for suicide, just one more day for rain

You can not debate this, you have lied and you smashed it in my face
You are overrated, you must die because you mean nothing
Just one more word to jade these private eyes that you put on display
You are overrated, you must die because you mean nothing...

I don't want to see you in my dreams
If I did I'd walk right by and I'd never look back
If I could cruise the atmosphere alone
I'd take what's mine and move along, maybe you should try it

I remember everything and I scream
Just one more try to make it right
Just one more day to change