The Jondo Trio

The Jondo Trio

 Kendallville, Indiana, USA

Calling their music "swamp stomp", the band plays an eclectic blend of blues, rock, and roots music in the vein of the Black Keys and Gov't Mule, but with a message.


The Jondo Trio came in to existence in February of 2010. With influences ranging from early 20th century delta blues to modern contemporary christian music, the members were unsure what would come out of the project. What they've found is a blend of blues & rock with a groove and a message that they affectionately refer to as "swamp stomp."

Led by guitarist, vocalist, and pastor, Nate Mosley, the band never fails to hold its audiences enthralled, and its message delivered. The rhythm section, consisting of drummer Paul Osborn and bassist Stu Way, provide the rock solid base on which the band's jamming and storytelling is built.

"I love to introduce people to their musical heritage," Nate says. "Many people don't realize that the music they love came from the blues, or that the blues they love came from the Spirituals & folk songs of the 19th century. It's awesome to see people rediscover this stuff with a little 21st century sprinkled in. But most importantly, the entire band agrees, we love to tell people about Jesus."


Out Of The Basement--2011 EP, self-released

Set List

Up to 2 hours. Prefer all original material, but can do some covers.