The Jonestown Potion

The Jonestown Potion


A progressive revival of post modern rock/funk/jazz instrumental creativity. Advanced rhythms and unexpected time changes embellish groovy harmonies and solo sections to make our music exciting and stimulating.


Nathaniel, Dusty and Vance started the project dubbed "The Jonestown Potion" in late July of '08. After creating a few original tunes, the band started growing with the addition of Devin on guitar and Eli on the sax. From there the group started to work together to create a set list with great variety and color, abstaining from the limitations of playing covers as much as possible. After playing a few gigs in town in Fort Collins and getting a free live recording from KRFC 88.9's live @ lunch, The Jonestown Potion is looking to expand their horizons and show the world the unique and interesting structures of their compositions


none at this time

Set List

Tumble Junkie, 16 Forks, St Jemimah's Satanic Baby Shower, Latin Caviar, Whooping Cough, Dancin Grannies, Electric Wheelchair Repairman, Mud Jack It, Chocolate Warhead, Transylvania Blues, Sketches of Hades, Ghost Burrito, Beaux Flecks, The Serious Song, Creepy Funk. We can play usually up to 1.5 hours if needed.